Unwanted Gold Coast star finds new home

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The Wests Tigers person signed erstwhile State of Origin inferior Tyrone Peachey connected a two-year deal.

Peachey has played for the Titans for the past 3 seasons, but the nine announced past period helium wouldn't beryllium astatine the Gold Coast adjacent year.

The caller woody is reportedly worthy astir $400,000 per season.

"I'm truly excited to articulation the nine and get stuck into enactment with Wests Tigers," Peachey said.

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"I've been truly impressed by Madge (coach Michael Maguire) and the mode helium approaches the crippled and I'm looking guardant to moving nether him. I cognize that I execute my champion erstwhile I've got a beardown manager who tin support maine accountable, and I've truly enjoyed speaking with him lately.

"I'm beauteous keen to enactment excessively with a batch of the young endowment astatine the club."

Peachey has conscionable turned 30, having made his archetypal people debut for Cronulla backmost successful 2013.

He's played 178 archetypal people games, and says he'll beryllium utilizing that acquisition to assistance usher the Tigers successful 2022.

"I've been done the process of seeing young players measurement up into the NRL and what needs to alteration for the nine to beryllium successful," helium explained.

"It's a bully accidental for maine to not lone assistance connected the tract but besides springiness the young players immoderate absorption and assistance this squad play finals footy.

Tyrone Peachey is leaving the Gold Coast Titans to articulation Wests Tigers. (Getty)

"Wests Tigers is simply a large nine and a beauteous peculiar nine with its past — it deserves to beryllium competing successful the large games each twelvemonth and I can't hold to assistance america bash that."

Coach Michael Maguire says Peachey brings a batch to the table.

"I'm truly pleased to invited Tyrone to our squad and to person his acquisition and versatility arsenic portion of our club," helium said.

"Tyrone is simply a existent rival successful each that helium does connected and disconnected the field, and helium volition adhd a batch to the mode that we privation to play moving forward."

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