Authorities successful Myanmar are being urged to behaviour a afloat probe into the sidesplitting of a writer past month, reportedly during an service onslaught successful the southeast, the UN’s acquisition and taste agency, UNESCO, said connected Wednesday. 

Audrey Azoulay, the UNESCO Director-General, denounced the sidesplitting of Sai Win Aung, besides known arsenic A Sai K, who died connected 25 December successful Lay Kay Kaw, a municipality located adjacent the borderline with Thailand. 

The newsman was covering the plight of refugees successful Kayin authorities for the Federal News Journal when helium was fatally changeable successful an artillery onslaught carried retired by Myanmar’s equipped forces, UNESCO said, citing reports. 

Protection for journalists 

“I condemn the sidesplitting of Sai Win Aung. Media workers similar Sai Win Aung hazard their lives to support the nationalist informed. Their enactment deserves to beryllium recognized and their information protected successful enactment with planetary humanitarian law, which forbids attacks connected civilians”, Ms. Azoulay said. 

Sai Win Aung was the 2nd writer killed successful Myanmar during December 2021, according to UNESCO, which supports property state by advocating for the information of journalists and combatting impunity for those who onslaught them. 

The UN continues to show developments successful the southeast Asian state successful the aftermath of the subject coup astir a twelvemonth ago, which has sparked protests and unrest. 

Rising violence, displacement 

Armed absorption against the junta, known arsenic the State Administration Council (SAC), has increased, according to media reports. 

In a caller update, the UN exile agency, UNHCR, said struggle has intensified implicit the past month, with accrued reports of service raids crossed Myanmar, particularly successful the northwest and southeast regions. 

Since the service takeover, Lay Kay Kaw “has go 1 of the hideouts for pro-democracy activists and civilian servants from the State Administration Council (SAC),” the bureau said.  “As a effect of the raids and ensuing conflict, hundreds of radical were displaced.” 

UNHCR reported that Thailand confirmed immoderate 4,600 radical from Myanmar person fled the caller escalation astir the municipality since mid-December, immoderate of whom voluntarily returned.