UK National Grid in talks to build an energy island in the North Sea

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By Adam Vaughan

Offshore upwind   farm

An offshore upwind workplace successful the North Sea

Mischa Keijser/Getty Images

UK institution National Grid has revealed it is successful talks with 2 different parties astir gathering an “energy island” successful the North Sea that would usage upwind farms to proviso cleanable energy to millions of homes successful north-west Europe.

The thought of a renewable vigor hub successful the North Sea has been floated for years, but has yet to advancement from studies to reality. The conception envisages offshore upwind farms that person a overmuch larger capacity than those successful usage today, with sub-sea energy cables taking the vigor to whichever state needs it most.

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National Grid is simply a large developer of specified long-distance cables successful the region, most precocious 1 from Norway to the UK, truthful its engagement successful talks with different vigor firms increases the accidental of the thought being developed.

“We are successful tripartite discussions implicit an vigor land that the UK would apt link to,” says Nicola Medalova astatine National Grid. She wouldn’t sanction the 2 different parties the institution is talking to. A spokesperson for National Grid besides declined to corroborate the parties involved.

“There are present a fig of vigor land concepts being promoted by antithetic parties successful countries specified arsenic successful Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands, and we’re successful conversations with them each to recognize the concepts retired there,” said the spokesperson.

Other vigor web operators astir the North Sea person signalled their involvement successful gathering an vigor island, including Elia successful Belgium and TenneT successful the Netherlands.

Two years ago, TenneT concluded that specified a task would beryllium technically feasible, contempt the engineering challenges. However, the institution tells New Scientist that it isn’t successful “concrete” talks with National Grid astir an vigor island. Belgium’s vigor minister, Tinne Van der Straeten, said successful May that the state would physique an land to “interconnect our upwind turbines”, built by Elia.

A spokesperson for Elia says it is processing a 2nd energy interconnector cablegram betwixt the UK and Belgium, known arsenic Nautilus, but “whether Nautilus volition beryllium connected to the Belgian vigor land is presently uncertain.”

Denmark has besides shown a beardown involvement successful gathering an vigor island, with the Danish authorities saying successful February that it would assistance concern a £24 cardinal land to the westbound of the country. The Danish imaginativeness sees a cardinal relation for upwind powerfulness to besides make “green hydrogen”, arsenic the state looks to caller exports pursuing a prohibition connected caller lipid and state fields.

Medalova says vigor islands could either beryllium built connected an existing earthy land oregon a purpose-made artificial one. “You enactment tons of antithetic technologies, possibly successful 1 abstraction – you could person wind, hydrogen, artillery storage, each the remainder of it, and that tin beryllium connected to 1 country, 2 countries,” she says. She adds the task being discussed is looking astatine “three transportation points”, an denotation that 3 countries are involved.

Kees van der Leun of Netherlands-based consultancy Common Futures says: “Connection via an vigor hub betwixt the UK and the Netherlands and Belgium, oregon the Netherlands and Denmark, would surely adhd value. This is due to the fact that of the monolithic build-out of offshore upwind successful the UK, and the clip quality successful upwind peaks betwixt the UK and the continent.”

Whichever countries the land is connected to, they could each instrumentality vantage of the low-carbon vigor generated by hundreds oregon adjacent thousands of turbines. The vigor land could beryllium built earlier 2030, says Medalova, which would springiness a immense boost to the committedness that UK premier curate Boris Johnson made this week of an wholly greenish nationalist energy grid by 2035.

Possible locations for the land haven’t been disclosed. However, TenneT has antecedently talked astir utilizing the shallows of Dogger Bank, a sandbank disconnected England’s north-east seashore and a remnant of erstwhile the UK and continental Europe were 1 onshore mass.

Regardless of whether an vigor land materialises, National Grid expects that astir caller energy interconnectors it builds volition beryllium “hybrid” ones that nexus 2 countries but besides link to offshore upwind farms successful between. The world’s archetypal hybrid interconnector was inaugurated past year, connecting offshore upwind farms to Denmark and Germany.

Medalova says this summertime the UK authorities has been encouraging upwind workplace developers and interconnector companies to enactment unneurotic connected specified projects to trim the interaction connected radical surviving connected the seashore from caller offshore upwind farms, which mostly necessitate idiosyncratic connections.

“My gut feeling tells maine that each our caller interconnectors volition beryllium hybrid,” says Medalova. “The mode that authorities is moving, the mode that expectations of coastal communities is moving, the mode that the marketplace is moving, determination is specified a immense anticipation we volition instrumentality this collaborative, sharing approach.”

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