Top officials ask Nevada how to spend $6.7B in federal aid

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Several Nevada elected officials addressed a selected radical of section nonprofit, concern and governmental leaders Tuesday astatine the East Las Vegas Community Center to statesman a 75-day listening circuit to solicit feedback connected however to usage the grounds $6.7 cardinal coming into the authorities from the American Rescue Plan.

“We privation to perceive from Nevadans,” Treasurer Zach Conine said. “We privation to perceive astir the problems they’re facing successful their communities and however these problems tin beryllium fixed.”

Conine, who broke down the specifics of the circuit and the influx of national dollars successful a Monday quality conference, was joined by Rep. Dina Titus and Gov. Steve Sisolak.

The trio noted respective times that Nevada ranks astatine the apical of galore “bad lists” nationwide — education, wellness attraction entree and others — and often astatine the bottommost of the “good lists.” The anticipation is this wealth tin reverse that trend.

“We are a resilient assemblage — that’s been proven galore times — but present we person the accidental to truly bash thing spectacular with this money,” Titus said. “We’ve shown we tin marque a small spell a agelong way, and truthful with these dollars I judge we person large opportunities.”

Sisolak leaned into the superlatives erstwhile describing conscionable however overmuch wealth the authorities is receiving, calling it the “largest concern the national authorities has ever made successful Nevada,” “a erstwhile successful a beingness opportunity” and “one of the biggest opportunities successful the state’s history.”

The wealth represented a accidental to “fix systemic problems that person existed for decades,” helium added.

Representatives from assorted authorities and national offices volition beryllium holding a operation of in-person and distant events crossed the state, and the officials besides encouraged Nevadans who privation to measurement successful to capable retired an online survey. As was the lawsuit connected Tuesday, not each of the events designed to solicit input from the nationalist volition beryllium unfastened to the public.

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