Sonic Colors: Ultimate Preview – Another Run At Glory

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When it launched successful 2010, Sonic Colors was considered 1 of the champion Sonic the Hedgehog games successful years. By providing fun, well-designed levels, tighter controls than immoderate 3D Sonic crippled to that point, and caller powers from alien creatures called Wisps, Sonic Colors delivered a coagulated acquisition and laid the groundwork for aboriginal 3D Sonic titles. However, acknowledgment to its Wii exclusivity, the crippled has been stranded connected the obsolete platform and galore players person missed retired connected the experience. That changes adjacent month, however, arsenic Sega, Sonic Team, and developer Blind Squirrel Games are bringing a remastered mentation of the rubric to modern platforms done Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

With this release, Sega hopes those who missed retired connected the crippled the archetypal clip astir volition get much discourse for wherever the bid went successful consequent games. For example, the Wisps person appeared successful multiplatform follow ups, including Sonic Generations, Sonic Forces, and Team Sonic Racing. Sonic Colors fundamentally serves arsenic not lone an instauration to these creatures, but an root communicative for however they came into Sonic's world. Not lone that, but due to the fact that Sonic Colors influenced the absorption of Sonic games going forward, Sega thought it was a large rubric to remaster for modern systems. 


As with astir remasters, Sonic Colors: Ultimate adds a nice, caller overgarment of overgarment to the aged graphics. Because the modulation was from the Nintendo Wii, which outputs successful 480p, the leap guardant is substantial. This caller mentation not lone improves the lighting and adds further polygons, but Ultimate besides supports 4K solution and 60 frames-per-second performance. "Back successful 2010, this was connected screens that were little pixels than your smartphone, truthful making that measurement up [...] was a immense undertaking," Sega subordinate shaper Calvin Vu says. "We decidedly privation to marque definite this crippled looks good, up to the standards of today."

I had a accidental to play Sonic Colors: Ultimate for conscionable implicit 30 minutes, and portion the demo was virtual, meaning the ocular prime and controls weren't rather arsenic crisp arsenic they would beryllium locally, I inactive came distant impressed, peculiarly by however the crippled does look compared to the archetypal 2010 version. The graphics, environments, and quality models don't look astir arsenic bully arsenic those you would find successful a caller crippled similar Sonic Forces, but for a 2010 Wii title, Sonic Colors: Ultimate looks stellar successful motion.


Additionally, the improvement squad remixed the audio, including the soundtrack. The dependable effects present dependable crisper, and the euphony features caller versions of songs you already cognize if you played the original. Many of these ocular oregon audio upgrades were imaginable connected the far-less-powerful Wii, but acknowledgment to the modern platforms, Sega was capable to adhd them into this remaster. 

Another happening that wasn't imaginable connected the Wii acknowledgment to method limitations is character customization. Now, players tin unlock caller cosmetics for Sonic, including things similar caller shoes, gloves, boosts, and auras for Sonic. For example, you tin present situation Sonic successful flames with an crystal boost, portion helium sports cheetah-print gloves and antithetic colour shoes – it whitethorn not beryllium the prettiest oregon astir iconic look Sonic has ever sported, but it's the look you take for him. These customizations are earned done Park Tokens, which you find playing the game.


A ample portion of Sega and Blind Squirrel's efforts person been centered connected making Colors more approachable for caller players. To assistance execute this, Ultimate adds successful a caller Tails Save mechanic, wherever if Sonic falls, alternatively than losing a life, if the subordinate has a Tails token, Sonic's two-tailed person volition propulsion him backmost up connected the ledge. During my hands-on demo, I appreciated this mechanic, arsenic pits travel up speedy successful Sonic games, and it's ne'er amusive to suffer advancement successful a level conscionable due to the fact that you were taking vantage of the game's main selling point: speed.

The Tails Save mechanic is conscionable 1 illustration of the quality-of-life improvements Blind Squirrel and Sega person implemented successful this title. From improving the wall-jump controls to allowing for players to wholly remap their controllers, Ultimate is hoping to contiguous the wide champion mentation of the game. "There's been tweaks and adjustments present and determination conscionable to marque it much and much accessible," Sega shaper Aaron Roseman says. "That mode it's little punishing, little grueling for them and much breathtaking to play. At the extremity of the game, our extremity was to support the amusive of the archetypal rubric portion introducing these caller features."


From a gameplay perspective, players tin expect a caller Wisp: the Jade Ghost. This caller powerfulness was archetypal introduced successful 2019's Team Sonic Racing, and present retroactively joins the communicative of Sonic Colors done Ultimate. This caller Wisp grants Sonic the quality to walk done obstacles, giving him entree to areas that were antecedently inaccessible. Players tin besides look guardant to a caller Rival Rush mode, wherever you contention head-to-head against Metal Sonic to gain rewards. 

Sonic Colors: Ultimate launches connected PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC connected September 7. To spot the crippled successful action, cheque retired our occurrence of New Gameplay Today.

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