Norm Macdonald and Bob Saget's enduring friendship

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(CNN)Bob Saget and Norm Macdonald archetypal met moving standup successful the Ottawa drama clubs earlier they became large stars.

Now they are being remembered successful decease conscionable months apart.

    Macdonald did a "clean" roast of Saget, poking amusive astatine his looks ("Bob has a beauteous face, similar a flower. Yeah, a cauliflower" to his deficiency of sports cognition ("He thinks that the Kentucky Derby is simply a chapeau and not a equine contention that they contention each year").

      But the erstwhile "Saturday Nigh Live" formed subordinate made Saget visibly affectional astatine the extremity of his remarks erstwhile helium shared that Saget was the archetypal comedian helium ever saw execute unrecorded and that helium loved him.

        "Bob honestly has ne'er had an unkind connection for anybody," Macdonald said. "I emotion him and I anticipation everybody other does. I conscionable wanted to accidental that."

        The feeling was mutual.

          Shortly aft MacDonald's death, Saget shared a profoundly idiosyncratic and affectional tribute to the precocious comedian.

          The "Fuller House" prima said MacDonald chose to bash an insult-free regular astatine the roast due to the fact that helium said "I can't accidental mean things astir you due to the fact that you're my friend."

            Losing Macdonald felt similar "a weapon successful the bosom for each of america who were adjacent to him and each of you who loved him," Saget said astatine the time.

            "Last week, I got a substance and it conscionable said 'I emotion you.' And I didn't accidental overmuch back," Saget recalled. "I conscionable said, 'I emotion you Norm.' And that was my [final] connection with him. ... One of the gifts of my beingness is that helium loved me, and that I loved him."

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