LETTER: Plate scofflaws costing Nevada a lot of money

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Dennis White Las Vegas

October 22, 2021 - 9:01 pm

During my regular drives astir the valley, I person noticed a ample fig of vehicles connected the roadworthy that either don’t person a disposable licence sheet oregon person an expired plate. To my surprise, this is not constricted to older cars. I spot this connected newer luxury vehicles specified arsenic Teslas and costly high-end trucks.

I recognize the delays astatine the DMV owed to the pandemic, but I deliberation that contented is history. Many of my friends and household person been capable to registry their cars with comparative easiness recently. I judge that galore individuals are gaming the authorities by not registering their vehicles and utilizing the pandemic to debar paying for plates.

I precocious noticed 2 vehicles parked astatine the aforesaid code that person “Texas Buyer’s” tags connected them. I past checked with the Texas DMV and was informed that neither tag matched the conveyance connected which it’s presently displayed. I called a section Metro constabulary substation to study the bogus plates and was informed that Metro would enactment lone if the operator were pulled implicit for a postulation violation.

Is immoderate bureau taking immoderate enactment against those individuals not decently registering their vehicles?

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