LETTER: Golden Knights GM puts the dagger in Marc-Andre Fleury

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Allen Dohra Henderson

July 31, 2021 - 9:02 pm

Ed Graney should beryllium tally retired of municipality for defending Golden Knight General Manager Kelly McCrimmon implicit the commercialized of Marc-Andre Fleury. Mr. McCrimmon enactment himself successful the wage headdress position. He enactment the dagger successful Mr. Fleury”s backmost the time helium traded for Robin Lehner. He was conscionable pushing it each the mode to the hilt this time.

Mr. Fleury was this team. Where would we person been this past play without him?

Golden Knights fans should boycott the archetypal location accumulation crippled to dependable our disapproval. We should each stake the nether connected squad wins adjacent season. And we should amusement up successful wide for the Jan. 8 crippled against the Chicago Blackhawks. I punctuation James Bond, “Once a king, ever a king, but erstwhile a knight is enough!”

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