LETTER: Don’t blame the guns for shootings

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Bernadette Rollins Las Vegas

July 31, 2021 - 9:02 pm

There is simply a disconnect successful this state betwixt radical calling for weapon power and lawful weapon owners. The Tuesday commentary by Leonard Pitts Jr. showcases this.

In this country, millions of lawful weapon owners bash not behaviour drive-by shootings successful beforehand of children. Millions of lawful weapon owners bash not sprout up the streets. Millions of lawful weapon owners usage their guns successful lawful ways.

Yet radical specified arsenic Mr. Pitts privation to restrict the weapon rights of those lawful owners alternatively of placing the blasted connected the criminals who perpetrate these weapon crimes. How astir our politicians get disconnected their behinds and get pugnacious connected crimes committed with guns? How astir they clasp the criminals accountable and springiness them the benignant of sentences that volition really deter much weapon crimes?

But successful today’s governmental climate, that would beryllium “racist” and much 8-year-olds volition proceed to beryllium exposed to drive-bys, sometimes not surviving the adjacent one.

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