Jim Gaffigan's new comedy special gets real about pandemic life at home in a family of 7: 'a round robin of people losing their mind'

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(CNN)Jim Gaffigan is driving for the archetypal time successful 30 years. He's besides bought a location successful the state and has started gardening.

Indeed, the pandemic has changed america all.

Gaffingan, his woman Jeannie and their 5 children, Marre, Jack, Katie, Michael and Patrick, spent the outpouring of 2020 successful the aboriginal months of the pandemic successful New York City, but successful June recovered it to beryllium overwhelming, truthful they moved upstate, and bought a location truthful they could person much room.

    "It's a lifetime, right?" Gaffigan tells CNN of the past 2 years. "It's similar describing the Fall of Saigon, you know, there's truthful galore emotions. I deliberation it's gonna beryllium truly absorbing to spot culturally however we each turn to recognize what we went through. You cognize what I mean? Like we cognize that there's intelligence effects, we cognize that it's astir apt been harder connected kids."

      Even Gaffigan, a prolific comic with a caller one-hour special, says helium has a hard clip articulating what surviving astatine location with 5 kids during a pandemic felt similar for him.

      "I consciousness similar it's a small spot similar watching an occurrence of 'Dateline,' helium laughs. "Like you deliberation you're gonna find retired accusation and past it gets to that four-minute commercialized junk, past there's a caller variant erstwhile we get back."

      He says helium wasn't penning standup during the pandemic, but was inactive gaining plentifulness of worldly from wrong his ain home, which helium turned into commentaries connected "CBS Sunday Morning" for 22 weeks.

      "I didn't truly constitute standup during the the archetypal twelvemonth and a half," Gaffigan says, adding, "I was trying to exercise. I yet gained each my value back. It took astatine slightest a week. You know, we're a household of seven, truthful it was benignant of a circular robin of radical losing their mind."

      Eventually, similar galore many families, the screens took over.

      "I retrieve that outpouring interruption we, arsenic a family, we watched a movie each night," helium says. "But the screens did instrumentality over. You cognize what I mean? Like, I'd beryllium lying if I said they didn't. But I deliberation the large happening that we focused connected was not sidesplitting each other."

      Trying to enactment sane astatine home, portion besides losing signifier clip and the consciousness of a assemblage wrong the drama satellite motivated Gaffigan to execute astatine immoderate drive-in shows.

      "It honestly felt truly bad," helium said, "You know, it was not that connection, but that was a reflection of however hopeless we were for a consciousness of community."

      He continued to bash fundraisers and virtual performances but stopped dong in-person performances.

      "At that constituent I had done standup for 30 years, and I had benignant of established myself. I felt much for the radical that were yet getting immoderate traction were selling retired shows," helium says.

      He and his wife, who had a near-fatal encephalon tumor removed successful 2017, decided to effort to springiness backmost to aesculapian unit connected the beforehand enactment of the pandemic. The mates started an effort to present nutrient to hospitals crossed New York City's 5 boroughs done their nonprofit organization, The Imagine Society.

      Gaffigan returned to the signifier again successful August 2021, rapidly turning a caller enactment into a Netflix special, titled "Comedy Monster." While helium says overmuch of his worldly is evergreen, helium decided to support immoderate pandemic worldly successful because, well, however volition we ever hide it?

      "The shifting realities of the pandemic were benignant of similar what the banal marketplace utilized to beryllium up and down," helium says. "It astir forced maine to conception the jokes astir the pandemic, wherever they were universal."

        Being backmost connected signifier gave Gaffigan a full caller appreciation of drama and unrecorded performances.

        "Oh my gosh. It was unbelievable. It was truthful rewarding," helium says. "You're performing for radical that are wearing a mask, which is not ideal, but it determination is an vigor that radical appreciate. It's a luxury to spell to a unrecorded show, you know?"

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