Jessica Chastain says she suffered a head injury on the set of her latest film

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(CNN)Jessica Chastain suffered a unsafe caput wounded portion filming her latest movie.

The histrion appeared connected "The Late Late Show with James Corden" connected Wednesday and said that portion she was filming "The 355," she ended up having to spell to the hospital.

"I was doing a combat country and it was connected a marble floor. I misjudged. I had fallen and deed my head. I misjudged the distance," Chastain said. "I heard a crack. That mightiness beryllium wherefore I americium the mode I americium today."

    Adding, "My stunt treble comes up to me, she is French and doesn't talk a batch of English, she conscionable comes up to maine and she goes, 'I'm sorry, but I person to enactment it backmost in.' And I'm sitting there, I'm like, 'Put what backmost in? Are my brains extracurricular of my face? What is happening?' And I conjecture it was conscionable a bruise she was pushing backmost successful my head. I did a mates much takes because, you know, I don't springiness up easy, and past I went to the hospital."

      Chastain's co-star successful the movie, Penelope Cruz said she was "really worried" for her. In different interrogation this week with Ellen DeGeneres, Cruz said, "We convinced you to spell to the hospital, due to the fact that she didn't privation to go. She wanted to support going. I was like, 'You're going to the hospital!'"

      The film, which releases Friday, besides stars Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong'o and Bingbing Fan.

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