GOP Congressman Who Is Suing Pelosi Over Mask Mandate Tests Positive for Covid-19

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Representative Ralph Norman (R-S.C.), who is 1 of 3 GOP congressmen who filed a suit past week against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) implicit the disguise mandate successful the House of Representatives, has tested affirmative for Covid-19.

“After experiencing insignificant symptoms this morning, I sought a Covid-19 trial and was conscionable informed the trial results were positive,” helium said successful a connection posted to his authoritative Twitter account. “Thankfully, I person been afloat vaccinated and my symptoms stay mild. To each grade possible, I volition proceed my enactment virtually portion successful quarantine for the adjacent 10 (10) days.”


Norman’s announcement came the week aft he, along with chap Republican Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) and Thomas Massie (Ky.) sued Pelosi aft they were each fined $500 for not wearing masks connected the level of the House of Representatives. 

The House Ethics Committee upheld the fines past month.

“The masking request was an effort to prescribe what shall beryllium orthodox successful politics, medicine, and science, contempt a heavy disagreement implicit these issues of opinion,” lawyers for the members wrote, arguing that look coverings were required “in televised areas only” successful the chamber.

“It has been utilized to unit Plaintiffs and different members of the number enactment to beryllium instruments for fostering nationalist adherence to this ideological constituent of presumption that Plaintiffs find unacceptable,” they added.

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