Centennial High football team shut down because of COVID

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The archetypal time of precocious schoolhouse shot signifier Monday was expected to beryllium an breathtaking clip for Clark County School District teams that haven’t been allowed to play since 2019.

But 1 squad was already sidelined due to the fact that of COVID-19. Centennial was informed Friday by the CCSD that it was being unopen down for 10 days due to the fact that of a affirmative lawsuit successful its program.

“The kids are evidently upset astir not being capable to commencement erstwhile everybody other is expected to start,” Centennial manager Dustin Forshee said.

Centennial was unopen down for 10 days successful the outpouring and 10 successful the summer. The Bulldogs volition person missed 30 days by the clip they are allowed to get backmost connected the tract Aug. 9, putting them good down teams that haven’t been affected.

Teams are required to clasp 10 days of signifier earlier playing a game, per Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association rules. If the Bulldogs statesman signifier Aug. 9, their crippled against Shadow Ridge connected Aug. 20 should beryllium safe, but they astir apt won’t beryllium allowed to scrimmage earlier that game.

The CCSD hasn’t released an authoritative connection listing its COVID-19 protocols for the 2021-22 schoolhouse year. Forshee said helium expects the protocols to beryllium the aforesaid arsenic they were during outpouring and summer, but athletes and unit members aren’t expected to beryllium submitted to mandatory testing.

“The territory hasn’t released thing authoritative yet, and that’s a large sticking constituent of what’s happening,” Forshee said. “This is worse than it was for outpouring sports due to the fact that we can’t marque up games. In baseball, you tin play time aft day. With football, you can’t bash that. If we miss our archetypal game, it’s not similar I tin spell retired and docket idiosyncratic else. We person to person clip to plan. We can’t conscionable amusement up to play a game.”

An email to the CCSD requesting a connection that includes the district’s COVID-19 protocols had not been returned by Monday afternoon.

Even for teams that were allowed to signifier Monday, it wasn’t wholly backmost to normal.

A statewide disguise mandate for each indoor activities was reinstated past week, and teams are encouraged to signifier societal distancing arsenic overmuch arsenic possible.

That means teams volition person less chances to walk clip unneurotic successful the locker country and physique a cohesive team.

“It is difficult. As a caput coach, I’m trying to bounds the clip that kids walk successful adjacent proximity due to the fact that of COVID,” Green Valley manager Brian Castro said earlier his team’s practice. “When you bash that, you bounds the messages you tin nonstop retired and the accidental for kids to get to cognize each other. Hopefully our kids person been talking to each different capable distant from this, but you conscionable don’t know.”

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