Cancer-stricken mom takes out Times Square billboard to help her daughter find love

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(CNN)A mother's emotion knows nary bounds, adjacent if that means creating a billboard successful the mediate of Times Square successful bid for your girl to find love.

When Boston autochthonal Beth Davis was archetypal diagnosed with bosom crab successful 2004, she treated it with chemotherapy and she was doing well. But successful June 2020, she recovered retired she had developed metastatic bosom cancer, that it had dispersed to her bones, and that she whitethorn not person overmuch clip near with her hubby Rick, and their daughter, Molly.

Davis, 61, felt an "urgency," she says, to assistance Molly find the emotion of her life.

    With her daughter's agreement, she placed a illustration for Molly connected a dating app called Wingman, wherever friends and household vouch for a loved 1 successful hunt of a partner. That turned into a elephantine billboard placed successful Times Square with Molly's illustration erstwhile Wingman laminitis Tina Wilson recovered retired astir the family's story.

      Davis tells CNN that she was inspired to absorption connected her daughter's emotion beingness portion surviving with crab due to the fact that she wants to spot her happy.

      "Molly has ever unselfishly spent a batch of clip with us, including taking a permission of lack to alert to New Zealand past twelvemonth [where I was] erstwhile I was diagnosed and besides Molly, similar tons of young people, person had their societal lives interrupted by these Covid years, truthful I truly conscionable wanted to assistance find her a peculiar someone," Davis says.

      She adds that she admires Molly for her sunny "glass half-full" disposition.

      "She genuinely sees the bully successful radical and truly tries to marque everyone's beingness she touches better," Davis says. "She is astute and truthful precise funny, loves a bully belly laughter and doesn't instrumentality herself excessively seriously. She works hard but ever tries to equilibrium that with having fun, and I truly respect that."

      Davis says that portion she is trying to propulsion things on successful the hunt for Molly's match, she volition defer to her girl to "tell maine erstwhile she has met 'The One.'"

      "I would emotion to cognize that Molly has a bully beingness spouse that adores her and puts her first, arsenic I cognize she volition him," she says. "I privation to spot her surrounded by his beauteous household that volition person embraced her. And I stake she volition slot close into his ample ellipse of friends, and they volition program their ain chill adventures."

        Molly, 30, tells CNN she doesn't caput her mom's efforts. Her perfect companion, she says, is "someone who makes maine laughter and is simply a bully communicator."

        "My ma and dada thin connected each other," she adds. "That's what I'm looking for."

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