Brittany Daniel had a baby using her twin sister's donor egg

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(CNN)Identical twins and "Sweet Valley High" stars Brittany and Cynthia Daniel person ever been close, and are present sharing a communicative of existent sisterhood.

In an interrogation with People magazine, the 2 revealed that Brittany and her hubby Adam Touni became the parents of girl Hope successful October 2021, acknowledgment to Cynthia Daniel donating her eggs.

"I saw it arsenic specified a elemental acquisition I could springiness to her," Cynthia Daniel said. "I cognize Brittany would bash it successful a divided 2nd for me. And we've ever shared everything, truthful wherefore not this?"

    The sisters, who starred successful the fashionable 1990s teen bid for 4 seasons, talked astir the determination which came astir owed to Brittany's 2011 crab diagnosis, which doctors told her would marque conceiving a kid difficult.

      She broached the taxable of imaginable ovum donation with Cynthia, who agreed aft discussing it with her husband, "Yellowstone" prima Cole Hauser.

      Brittany Daniel, who joined Touni successful 2017, was devastated erstwhile 3 successful vitro fertilization attempts utilizing her sister's eggs failed.

      "I thought I mightiness person to wrapper my caput astir not being a ma successful this lifetime," Brittany Daniel said. "I fought truthful hard to get there, and I was truthful frightened it wasn't going to happen."

      But by utilizing a surrogate and different donation from Cynthia, they were capable to invited their child.

        Finally becoming a parent astatine 45 has near Brittany Daniel overjoyed.

        "I conscionable fto retired this primal cry," she said of attending the commencement of her daughter. "The full country was bawling due to the fact that they conscionable each knew what we had been through."

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