Bob Saget: How a family tragedy turned him into an activist

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(CNN)Bob Saget channeled his grief into helping others and present immoderate of his celebrated friends are doing the aforesaid successful the aftermath of his death.

The comedian who became known arsenic America's dada aft playing Danny Tanner connected "Full House" died Sunday astatine the property of 65.

But it was the decease of his beloved sister Gay pursuing a conflict with the autoimmune illness scleroderma which transformed him into an avid advocator for raising wealth to find a cure.

    The prima really archetypal became progressive with the Scleroderma Research Foundation (SRF) prior to his sister's diagnosis with the chronic disease, which tin pb to a hardening and tightening of connective insubstantial and skin.

      Saget told NIH Medline Plus Magazine successful 2019 that years earlier helium "got a telephone from idiosyncratic I did not cognize asking maine to big a drama fundraiser for a illness I knew precise small about."

        "I said yes and hosted the event, which starred Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O'Donnell, and others." helium said. "Little did I cognize that conscionable a fewer years later, my sister would beryllium diagnosed with the disease."

        Saget shared that his sister was 44 and a Philadelphia-area teacher erstwhile she was archetypal diagnosed. Drugs including prednisone and cortisone were utilized to dainty her, helium said, but it lone addressed her symptoms.

          "She had to determination to Los Angeles to unrecorded with my parents due to the fact that she needed truthful overmuch help," Saget said. "She passed distant conscionable 2 years later."

          The "America's Funniest Videos" big went connected to service connected the SRF committee for nearly 2 decades and hosted their events for much than 25 years.

            Following the announcement of his death, chap comic Amy Schumer posted connected her verified Instagram relationship that she would beryllium donating to SRF successful Saget's grant and the enactment posted a tribute to their astir celebrated advocate.

            "In loving representation of Bob Saget, a cherished colleague, friend, and Scleroderma Research Foundation Board subordinate for implicit 20 years," the caption to a photograph of Saget posted connected the SFR Instagram relationship read. "Bob was a relentless champion for scleroderma patients and the ngo of the SRF—finding a cure for scleroderma. He volition beryllium dearly missed."

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