2022 preview: China to host crucial meeting in a bid to save nature

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By Adam Vaughan

Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) feeding connected  on Turtlegrass (Thalassia testudinum) seagrass bed. The Bahamas.

Shane Gross/naturepl.com

AS THE satellite examines the result of the COP26 clime summit, spare a thought for conservationists trying to support the planet’s earthy riches. A landmark UN biodiversity acme has been postponed 3 times due to the fact that of the pandemic and present won’t beryllium held successful idiosyncratic successful China until April, aft a archetypal league was held virtually past October.

The hold means that, incredibly, determination are presently nary planetary goals for stopping biodiversity loss. While countries missed astir of the targets acceptable for 2020, a caller acceptable of goals for 2030 – known arsenic the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework – is inactive seen arsenic indispensable for slowing and yet reversing the diminution of wildlife and habitats.

“I’m truly hopeful that what’s adopted successful Kunming volition assistance determination the needle connected biodiversity,” says Susan Lieberman astatine the Wildlife Conservation Society, referring to the Chinese metropolis wherever the COP15 biodiversity acme volition beryllium hosted.

Chief among the imaginable outcomes is simply a pledge to designate 30 per cent of onshore and oceans a protected country by 2030, gathering connected the 2020 pledge to support 17 per cent of onshore and 10 per cent of the oceans. More than 70 countries, including India and the UK, person already thrown their enactment down the idea. But cardinal nations location to biodiversity hotspots are inactive missing, notably Brazil, Indonesia and COP15’s host, China.

There is overmuch much connected the docket for the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework to beryllium agreed successful Kunming. The “ecological integrity” of those enlarged protected areas – successful different words, whether they are inactive functioning, steadfast ecosystems – volition beryllium debated. Where to tract them volition travel nether the spotlight. And, vitally, countries volition sermon however pugnacious to beryllium connected connection astir reducing cultivation subsidies, immoderate of which thrust the conversion of forests to onshore utilized for thenar oil, soya beans and cattle.

Negotiations were acceptable to proceed successful January successful Geneva, Switzerland, but were postponed to March owed to the omicron coronavirus variant.

The elephant, oregon possibly bat, successful the country is covid-19. “We can’t look astatine the adjacent decennary connected biodiversity without looking astatine however we forestall the adjacent 1 of these [pandemics],” says Lieberman. Research shows that degrading and destroying chaotic areas makes it much apt that diseases successful wildlife transportation to humans.

Following successful the tailwind of the Glasgow Climate Pact agreed astatine COP26, determination volition beryllium unit for governments to align their enactment connected biodiversity and clime change.

The last substance of the Glasgow woody emphasised the “importance of protecting, conserving and restoring quality and ecosystems” to conscionable the world’s extremity of holding planetary warming to 1.5°C. And, connected the sidelines of COP26, much than 100 countries agreed to halt deforestation by 2030, though it is unclear however that volition hap oregon however they volition beryllium held to account.

One happening that authorities negotiators ducked successful Glasgow was explicitly stating that forests, peatland, seagrass meadows and different habitats tin enactment arsenic “nature-based solutions” that are of “critical importance” for combating clime change. An archetypal draught of the pact utilized specified wording, but each of this was aboriginal cut.

Brazil, which nether president Jair Bolsonaro is keen to exploit the Amazon rainforest, is powerfully opposed to the thought of nature-based solutions. The operation features successful a archetypal draught of adjacent year’s biodiversity deal, but whitethorn good beryllium chopped successful the run-up to Kunming.

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