Woman is not mother of kids cited in GoFundMe that drew over $200K

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Dasha Kelly raised thousands of dollars online to forestall an eviction aft an interrogation with CNN past week, but the North Las Vegas woman’s assertion that she was the parent of 3 children was not accurate.

Kelly claimed to beryllium the parent of 3 young girls, but she is not, according to CNN. “She says she primitively described herself to CNN arsenic a parent due to the fact that she considers herself to beryllium similar 1 to them,” the quality outlet said.

The quality outlet said the children are cared for by their mother, Shadia Hilo, and their father, David Allison, who is Kelly’s boyfriend.

Kelly had created a GoFundMe run to rise $2,000 to forestall an eviction but she was capable to rise much than $220,000, noting plans to make a savings relationship for each child.

Attempts by the Las Vegas Review-Journal to scope Kelly person been unsuccessful.

An update to her GoFundMe leafage Monday said the revelation doesn’t alteration her “need for donations to debar eviction, and I volition beryllium utilizing the funds to get backmost connected my feet and enactment my family.” Kelly said successful the station that she inactive plans to acceptable wealth speech successful a savings relationship for the children.

She besides noted that GoFundMe would contented a afloat refund for immoderate donor upon petition until Aug. 23.

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