Using Options To Create A 10% Synthetic 'Dividend' On Tesla Stock

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Tesla (TSLA) stock is holding nicely supra a rising 50-day moving average and is trading supra 700 successful the stock marketplace today. 


One atrocious happening astir Tesla banal is that it doesn't wage a dividend. But, what if we could usage options to manufacture our ain dividend? 

Let's accidental I person $45,000 that I privation to put successful TSLA stock. I could simply bargain immoderate shares and anticipation the banal rises. 

But, if I privation a much blimpish play, I could merchantability a March 18, 2022-expiring enactment with a onslaught terms of 450 and acceptable speech the $45,000 successful lawsuit I americium assigned connected the abbreviated put. 

That 450 onslaught enactment generates astir $2,680 successful enactment premium successful conscionable nether 8 months. So, my $45,000 concern into Tesla is giving maine a 10.14% annualized "dividend." What's the catch? Well, overmuch similar owning Tesla shares, if the banal keeps dropping, I'm going to suffer wealth successful the short-term. 

If Tesla banal is beneath 450 adjacent March, past I volition beryllium forced to bargain 100 shares astatine 450 each. 

10% Annualized Return If Put Expires Worthless

But, if TSLA stays supra 450, past I execute a 10.14% per annum instrumentality erstwhile the enactment expires worthless. 

Cash secured puts are a bullish strategy but are considered somewhat little bullish than owning Tesla banal due to the fact that the imaginable gains are constricted to the premium received. 

The 450 onslaught enactment presently has a delta of 9, truthful selling this enactment gives you an vulnerability astir equivalent to owning 9 shares of Tesla stock, though this volition alteration arsenic the banal moves up and down. 

One method that tin assistance chopped the hazard is to crook it into a dispersed and bargain a $250 onslaught put. This turns the commercialized into a bull enactment dispersed and reduces the superior astatine risk. 

Tesla banal has a Composite Rating of 89, an EPS Rating of 73 and a Relative Strength Rating of 86. 

Please retrieve that options are risky, and investors tin suffer 100% of their investment.  

This nonfiction is for acquisition purposes lone and not a commercialized recommendation. Remember to ever bash your ain owed diligence and consult your fiscal advisor earlier making immoderate concern decisions. 

Gavin McMaster has a Masters successful Applied Finance and Investment. He specializes successful income trading utilizing options, is precise blimpish successful his benignant and believes patience successful waiting for the champion setups is the cardinal to successful trading. Follow him connected Twitter at @OptiontradinIQ 


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