Treasonous Ted Cruz Is Trying To Sabotage The Debt Ceiling Deal

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took to the Senate level to impulse his chap Republicans to ballot against cloture and artifact raising the indebtedness ceiling.


Ted Cruz urges Republicans to ballot for US default aft accusing Biden of threatening default

— Acyn (@Acyn) October 7, 2021

Cruz said, “By cajoling 10 oregon much Republicans to ballot with Democrats to let a ballot connected the indebtedness ceiling. I anticipation that doesn’t happen. I anticipation we decision that vote. I’m surely going to ballot no, and I’m urging my colleagues to ballot no.”

Sen. Cruz is trying to stroke up the indebtedness bounds woody and origin the federation to spell into default. The legislator from Texas would happily destruct the US system and propulsion millions of radical retired of enactment if helium thought it would assistance him successful the 2024 Republican statesmanlike primary.

Ted Cruz shows his contempt for the radical that helium is expected to beryllium represented successful galore ways. Cruz goes connected abrogation to Cancun arsenic his constituents are freezing death. Cruz besides tin hardly muster a attraction erstwhile a schoolhouse shooting happens successful his state.

However,  his willingness to propulsion millions of radical retired of enactment and into poorness is simply a caller low, adjacent for Ted Cruz.

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