The new Kindle Paperwhite is $35 off for Black Friday

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Amazon isn't rather done with its Black Friday e-reader deals. After it enactment several different Kindles connected sale, the institution has dropped the terms of the latest Kindle Paperwhite from $140 to $105.

Buy Kindle Paperwhite astatine Amazon - $105

The fifth-gen Paperwhite, the archetypal refresh successful 3 years, was announced successful September. It has a larger surface than the erstwhile exemplary astatine 6.8 inches (the last-gen Paperwhite had a six-inch display). Amazon claims the 300 ppi surface looks similar existent insubstantial and the glare-free surface enables "easy reading" successful immoderate condition, including nonstop sunlight. Having a surface that's said to beryllium 10 percent brighter than the past model's volition surely help.

In addition, there's a white-on-black acheronian mode and revamped interface, portion Amazon says leafage turns are 20 percent faster. The fifth-gen Paperwhite is h2o resistant and there's enactment for USB-C accelerated charging.

Meanwhile, the Kindle Oasis is connected merchantability too. The 8GB model, which typically costs $250, is presently disposable for $175. The e-reader was antecedently connected merchantability for that terms during this year's Prime Day.

Buy Kindle Oasis astatine Amazon - $175

The Oasis besides has a 300 ppi display, though the surface is somewhat larger than the Paperwhite astatine 7 inches. It has carnal leafage crook buttons, an IPX8 waterproof standing and a color-adjustable beforehand light.

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