Tate Martell not yet cleared to participate at UNLV football practice

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UNLV sophomore Kyle Williams was excited erstwhile helium heard erstwhile Bishop Gorman prima backmost Tate Martell would go 1 of his teammates.

But the wide receiver made definite to marque 1 happening wide Wednesday aft the Rebels concluded their archetypal signifier of autumn campy astatine Rebel Park.

“No spot is fixed to nobody,” helium said. “So I conscionable expect him to enactment to spot what helium tin bring to the table.”

Martell was not contiguous Wednesday astatine the information of signifier unfastened to the media. But helium was connected the tract erstwhile signifier concluded and figures to beryllium a origin successful UNLV’s backmost competition.

Rebels manager Marcus Arroyo said Martell is inactive going done the process of getting cleared to signifier successful full.

There is nary timetable for his clearance, Arroyo said. Nor is determination a timetable for a determination connected a starting quarterback.

Martell walked connected to UNLV’s shot squad arsenic an “athlete” but was listed arsenic a backmost connected the roster distributed to journalists astatine practice. The 23-year-old antecedently played astatine Ohio State and Miami, attempting 29 passes since 2018.

Arroyo said helium talked with Martell a fewer times implicit the summer. “We got a accidental to get to cognize each other, astir our backgrounds, what we’re some looking for,” Arroyo said.

“Any accidental we’ve got for anybody to marque our squad amended oregon to heighten our roster oregon for a young antheral astatine this signifier of assemblage shot to person a chance, I’m consenting and unfastened to that opportunity,” the manager added.

Quarterback is simply a question people for the Rebels, who person sophomore Doug Brumfield, inferior Justin Rogers and freshman Cameron Friel connected scholarship. Last year’s starter, Max Gilliam, opted to extremity his shot career, leaving the doorway unfastened for a caller awesome caller this fall.

Brumfield completed 9 of 21 passes past twelvemonth for 151 yards. Rogers completed 14 of 22 passes for 161 yards and a score. Williams, the reigning Mountain West Offensive Freshman of the Year, said he’s seen a antithetic benignant enactment ethic from the quarterbacks this twelvemonth aft an 0-6 play successful 2020.

“This is their offense. They’re starring it and we travel disconnected of their energy,” Williams said. “I enactment with each the quarterbacks … truthful I consciousness similar the transportation is there.”

Arroyo said helium hopes his quarterbacks “elevate” passim the people of campy and explained that they indispensable proceed processing chemistry with the remainder of the offense.

“Quarterbacks instrumentality time, man. … In our system, they person to bash it all. They person to jell with the different 10 guys successful our offense,” Arroyo said. “They can’t amusement fear, frustration, fatigue astatine immoderate time.

“Everybody’s looking astatine you and that’s a hard torch to transportation a batch of times, particularly erstwhile you’re young. They’re doing a bully occupation of knowing that … but we’ve got a agelong ways to go, which is exciting. I emotion the work.”

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