Sisolak blasts Nye official’s ‘vile’ comments about Nevada first lady

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Gov. Steve Sisolak successful a connection Monday blasted a Nye County commissioner’s comments made past week against Nevada archetypal woman Kathy Sisolak, calling them “vile” and “blatantly racist.”

Commissioner Donna Cox opened up her comments successful past Tuesday’s gathering by acknowledging that the politician often watches the Nye County meetings. She went connected to telephone COVID-19 a “political virus” and falsely impeach the archetypal woman of profiting disconnected of the caller disguise mandate, arsenic first reported by The Nevada Independent.

The latest mandate required everyone, vaccinated oregon not, to deterioration masks successful nationalist indoor spaces effective July 30 successful counties with precocious rates of COVID-19 transmission, including Clark and Nye counties. It aligned with an updated proposal from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“I’m going to archer you each thing astir the governor,” Cox said, according to the recorded meeting. “… Well, a fewer months aft helium won helium joined his wife. Now however agelong he’d known her I person nary idea, but she is Chinese. And you enactment 2 and 2 together, they really said that her household successful China ain a institution that’s making a batch of wealth disconnected of this issue. That she’s present successful the United States promoting and selling each these masks and exigency instrumentality and everything, and they’re each being shipped implicit from China.”

“Is determination immoderate amended crushed successful the satellite to privation to bash a disguise mandate?” Cox aboriginal continued.

A autochthonal of Ely, Kathy Sisolak is the youngest of 4 children. She worked arsenic a fiscal advisor erstwhile she met Steve Sisolak astatine their gym, 5 years earlier the erstwhile president of the Clark County Commission projected successful 2018 arsenic Nevada’s governor-elect, the Las Vegas Review-Journal has reported.

In his connection Monday, the politician said helium was furious aft proceeding the “vile, blatantly racist comments made against my woman – a Nevadan who has dedicated her beingness to making our authorities a amended place.”

“There is nary country for this benignant of hateful code from anyone, particularly not from an elected official,” the connection continued. “Kathy and I, on with truthful galore others, person worked hard to combat backmost against the anti-Asian racism brought connected by misinformation regarding COVID-19, but comments similar these lone instrumentality america backward. They wounded our community, our state, and the ones we love.”

“Now is simply a clip we should beryllium coming unneurotic to get america done what has been 1 of the hardest times for our state, not attacking 1 another,” the connection continued. “I impulse each Nevada Republican elected authoritative and campaigner to articulation maine successful calling retired this bigotry.”

Cox did not instantly respond to a Review-Journal petition for remark precocious Monday.

Nevada Assemblywoman Rochelle Nguyen quoted the governor’s connection connected Twitter, saying “Enough is enough.”

“Home means Nevada to 1 of the largest AAPI populations successful the state and we are fortunate to person First Lady Kathy Sisolak arsenic a person successful our assemblage and our state,” Nguyen said. “Hate has nary spot here.”

Home means Nevada to 1 of the largest AAPI populations successful the state and we are fortunate to person First Lady Kathy Sisolak arsenic a person successful our assemblage and our state. Hate has nary spot here. Enough is enough.

— Rochelle Nguyen (@rochellenguyen) August 10, 2021

Nguyen was the archetypal Asian Pacific Islander American Democrat to articulation the authorities Legislature erstwhile she was appointed successful 2018, according to One APIA Nevada, which advocates for Asian and Pacific Islander practice successful elected offices. She retained her spot successful last year’s election.

One APIA Nevada successful a connection condemned “the vile racist onslaught from Nye County Commissioner Donna Cox.”

The Nevada Senate Republican Caucus and the Nevada Assembly Republican Caucus besides condemned the comments successful abstracted statements.

The authorities Senate Republican Caucus called the comments hurtful and misleading. “Nevadans expect our nationalist officials to behaviour themselves astatine a higher standard. The region commissioner who made the bigoted and disrespectful comments should apologize immediately.”

The authorities Assembly Republican Caucus shared a connection “in enactment of our autochthonal Nevadan First Lady Kathy Sisolak.”

“Hate has nary location successful Nevada,” the connection continued. “Assembly Republicans denounce successful the strongest consciousness of the term, immoderate prejudice against our Asian American community. They are our friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors.

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