RUBEN NAVARRETTE JR.: Democrats once again reveal themselves to be phonies on immigration

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By Ruben Navarrette Jr. Washington Post Writers Group

August 3, 2021 - 9:01 pm

Dear Democrats, I spot you. And I don’t spot you. Because you’ve shown clip and again that you’re not to beryllium trusted.

President Joe Biden is an affable hustler who has been successful authorities truthful agelong — astir a fractional period — that helium wouldn’t cognize consecutive speech if it slapped him successful the face. But helium is besides enabled by liberals, progressives and leftists who autumn successful enactment adjacent erstwhile Democrats autumn short.

Like they bash connected immigration. Last week, the White House unveiled a 21-point program to tackle the issue.

Think 2022 midterm elections. This was the archetypal move, and a antiaircraft determination astatine that. Republicans are gearing up to onslaught Democrats, particularly the Biden administration, for allegedly creating a porous confederate border.

That’s a bold and hypocritical play for a enactment that is beholden to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has an insatiable appetite for inexpensive labor. Republicans person spent decades winking astatine amerciable migration and being lax connected deportations. The expected “rule of law” enactment would person much credibility if the GOP didn’t coddle outlaws — from a rogue Arizona sheriff who defied tribunal orders demanding that helium halt profiling Hispanics to convulsive insurrectionists who stormed the U.S. Capitol connected Jan. 6 and bushed constabulary officers who tried to halt them.

Still, the Republicans volition attack. So the White House is trying to pre-empt the battle by transitioning from Mother Teresa to Dirty Harry.

Biden’s 21-point program puts its value connected beefing up borderline security, keeping retired migrants and expediting the removal of exile families without the pesky request of owed process. There is obligatory articulator work to supporting Dreamers, giving citizenship to the undocumented and forking implicit economical assistance to corrupt governments successful Central America successful the hopes that they’ll support much of their radical from heading to the United States.

Yet the medication volition proceed to expel immigrants nether Title 42, a nationalist wellness bid that allows borderline officials to instantly expel migrants betwixt ports of introduction nether the pretext of limiting the dispersed of coronavirus.

Why fuss putting lipstick connected this pig? The Biden migration program is Trump 2.0. New boss, aforesaid arsenic the aged boss.

“If I’m elected president, we’re going to instantly extremity Trump’s battle connected the dignity of migrant communities,” Biden said arsenic helium accepted his party’s information astatine the 2020 Democratic National Convention. “We’re going to reconstruct our motivation lasting successful the satellite and our historical relation arsenic a harmless haven for refugees and asylum-seekers.”

Where did that feline go? With Biden’s weapon firmly implanted successful their backs, immoderate migration advocates are disappointed and angry.

Robyn Barnard, elder advocacy counsel for exile extortion astatine Human Rights First, accused the medication this week of violating asylum instrumentality and failing to “protect and respect” refugees.

“Expedited removal has proven to beryllium a owed process and quality rights fiasco, again and again. The past happening the Biden medication should beryllium doing is subjecting children, parents and different asylum seekers to this expedited deportation process,” Barnard said successful a statement.

All of this raises the question: Why elite Democrats if — erstwhile it comes to migration — they’re going to impersonate Republicans?

Like the GOP, Democrats enactment their re-election prospects archetypal and the payment of refugees and immigrants last. Democrats are truthful acrophobic of being seen arsenic the “open borders” enactment that is anemic connected enforcement that they interruption their promises, wantonness their values and betray their supporters. The motto of the Democratic Party has become: “Give america your tired, your poor, your huddled masses — and we’ll propulsion them nether the autobus the archetypal accidental we get.”

Democrats are not fooling anyone who pays attention, knows past and remembers however lawmakers voted successful the past. The phony compassion of the near has — successful the 35 years since Congress passed the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, which combined enforcement with amnesty for the undocumented — worn bladed for those of america who garbage to beryllium distracted oregon mollified with the thought that, well, astatine slightest Democrats are amended than Republicans.

As if. Being an betterment connected the GOP erstwhile it comes to migration is simply a mighty debased barroom to clear.

The occupation is not conscionable that Democrats truthful often bash thing erstwhile Republicans play their racist games. That would beryllium atrocious enough. The existent occupation is that, with regularity, Democrats thin to bash the incorrect happening — specified arsenic caving successful to fearfulness mongering oregon pandering to Americans’ nativist impulses.

It’s a repugnant, self-serving and bipartisan contented that Biden and his medication look anxious to preserve.

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