Raiders report: John Brown says he’s no match for Henry Ruggs

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This week’s schedule

All practices astatine Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center, unless noted:

Tuesday — Practice 7:30-9:30 a.m.

Wednesday — Practice 7:30-9:30 a.m.

Thursday — Off

Friday — Practice 7:30-9:30 a.m.

Saturday — Practice 7:30-9:30 a.m

Sunday — Practice 7:30-9:30 a.m

Monday — Off

Quote of the day

The publication connected wide receiver John Brown, who joined the Raiders successful escaped bureau this offseason, ever begins with speed. It mightiness beryllium harmless to presume his nickname “Smoke” relates to however accelerated helium runs, though helium informed a twelve oregon truthful assembled media astatine grooming campy Monday that’s not true. An older comparative dubbed Brown with the moniker astatine commencement due to the fact that his tegument was darker than astir successful his family. As for his spot connected the field, Brown thinks second-year wide receiver Henry Ruggs is the squad leader. “He would bushed maine successful a race,” Brown said.

Play of the day

Backup backmost Marcus Mariota, who became a blistery taxable connected societal media arsenic a imaginable commercialized campaigner to Indianapolis aft the wounded to Carson Wentz, has been having a large camp. But helium was little than crisp Monday arsenic the Raiders returned to the signifier tract aft Sunday’s disconnected day. Mariota was inconsistent for the archetypal clip this grooming camp, though helium did person a bully tally connected a keeper to the near wherever helium ran untouched for astir 30 yards. Moments later, helium looked close and threw into traffic. While antiaircraft backs had been letting violative players drawback the shot with small resistance, those restrictions were disconnected Monday. Linebacker Nick Kwaitkoski intercepted the walk and took it down the near sideline to supply the day’s champion highlight.


Special teams manager Rich Bisaccia could look astatine past play arsenic a success. His kicker, Daniel Carlson, tied for the NFL pb successful points and was astir flawless. A.J. Cole deed 20 of his 44 punts wrong the 20, had nary blocked and lone 2 touchbacks. The sum units were fine, but that’s not enough, Bisaccia said.

“Last twelvemonth is over, and we didn’t triumph it all, truthful I’m not pleased with anything,” helium said. “… It’s astir what we bash today. And erstwhile contiguous is over, it’s astir what we bash tomorrow. It’s astir our actions the adjacent day. We person to beryllium accordant and bash it time successful and time out.”

Ramping up

The Raiders are expected to enactment connected afloat pads Tuesday for the archetypal clip and intensify the contact. Not that it hasn’t already started. While the players person been successful shorts and helmets the past fewer days, determination has been capable interaction betwixt players to warrant reactions from the astir 500 fans successful attendance. One of the much important battles volition beryllium connected the enactment of scrimmage, arsenic the new-look violative enactment goes against the influx of endowment on the antiaircraft front. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson said past week helium was excited astir the improvement of the enactment but added, “It’s hard to measure the violative enactment and immoderate different presumption erstwhile you haven’t done thing successful pads yet.”

Special bond

Receiver Hunter Renfrow’s enslaved with backmost Derek Carr is evident connected the signifier field, adjacent if Renfrow admits helium doesn’t bent retired arsenic overmuch online playing video games unneurotic since the commencement of his daughter. On 1 play successful peculiar Saturday, Renfrow was blanketed successful the extremity portion lone to marque little oculus interaction with Carr, who deed Renfrow for a touchdown.

“That comes from a batch of backyard football,” Renfrow said. “We’re conscionable retired determination having fun. You tin instrumentality the crippled excessively superior and overthink it, but the joyousness of playing the crippled is truthful important, and however we spot the crippled is similar.”

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