LETTER: We need the real story about what Clark County teachers are up against

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Robert Gant Las Vegas

September 14, 2021 - 9:01 pm

How agelong volition the Review-Journal crook a deaf receptor to the plight of the teachers successful Las Vegas? No contract, buildings that person nary aerial conditioning, kids successful these buildings forced to deterioration masks and a changeless watercourse of mandates and regulations that person thing to bash with acquisition and person everything to bash with a governmental agenda.

At astir each turn, the teachers person to combat a strategy that cares small astir them yet demands full obedience to regulations that are either burdensome successful their argumentation oregon are genuinely retired of a governmental playbook. How is captious contention theory, and “woke” doctrine an acquisition extremity different than what it truly is, a governmental agenda? Come connected RJ, commencement telling the readers astir what is truly going connected and halt the indoctrinations.

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