LETTER: Shaming the unvaccinated won’t work

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Annette Gallagher Las Vegas

August 8, 2021 - 9:01 pm

In his Aug. 2 letter, Jack A. Mabray advocates shaming those who chose not to vaccinate. Does helium recognize that immoderate radical cannot instrumentality the vaccination due to the fact that of allergies, aesculapian reasons oregon moral, ethical and spiritual reasons? Then determination are those who are waiting for afloat FDA support due to the fact that of the adverse affects it has connected immoderate “guinea pigs”?

I disagree wholly with his calling for vaccination mandates. Shaming adds to the hesitancy. We are not hurting the system oregon those who are vaccinated oregon vulnerable. If the vaccinations and masks are truthful effective, wherefore are determination truthful galore ”breakthrough“ cases being reported?

We inactive unrecorded successful a escaped country, but that taxable is for different discussion.

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