LETTER: Editorial on public pensions hit the mark

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Mike Young Las Vegas

October 7, 2021 - 9:01 pm

Saturday’s editorial connected unsustainable nationalist pension costs was the archetypal happening I’ve work for months that was really realistic and sensible.

Shouldn’t Nevada larn lessons from our Social Security program? Retirement is important. Public servants are entitled to a secure, dignified retirement. However — arsenic a merchandise of the Clark County School District — adjacent I learned that you can’t instrumentality much retired than you enactment successful without moving retired of money. It’s elemental math.

Reform is necessary. It tin beryllium a operation of things. Pensions were enactment successful spot to supply income aft your moving years are over. In our existent system, I cognize galore recipients who person drawn much wealth from their pension than they ever made working. Perhaps the property to gully pension wealth should beryllium raised to 65 oregon 67 careless of years worked.

Working careers typically past 45 to 50 years. Why should PERS beryllium different? Perhaps the worker publication needs to beryllium more. Non-pension citizens are required to unrecorded a sub-standard manner for decades successful bid to person capable status money. We’ve been excessively generous for excessively agelong with the existing system.

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