LETTER: Blame criminals for gun violence

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Wick McLaren St. George, Utah

August 1, 2021 - 9:01 pm

Leonard Pitts’ Tuesday commentary fails to code that guns don’t termination people. Guns utilized by radical termination people.

Mr. Pitts uses an 8-year-old miss who was astatine a Washington Nationals shot crippled erstwhile a weapon combat erupted extracurricular the stadium. The 8-year-old had conscionable experienced her 2nd shooting. That is precise troubling. But Mr. Pitts blames guns, the NRA and Republicans portion giving a walk to the radical who loaded the gun, pulled the trigger and wounded the victims.

Almost each of america hold that an 8-year-old shouldn’t person to acquisition this. But Mr. Pitts needs to nonstop his choler astatine those responsible. Neither the slug nor the weapon is guilty. Guns don’t marque the determination astir who oregon what to shoot. The idiosyncratic does.

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