Joey Gallo tops Paul Sewald in a duel of Bishop Gorman stars

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There are astir 15.4 cardinal students who be precocious schoolhouse successful the United States, but lone 750 large league ballplayers. The likelihood of 2 from the aforesaid schoolhouse facing each different with a crippled connected the enactment indispensable beryllium astronomical.

But truthful it was Thursday erstwhile Bishop Gorman’s Paul Sewald pitched to chap Gael Joey Gallo astatine Yankee Stadium.

The Mariners led 3-2 erstwhile Gallo golfed a debased slider from Sewald conscionable hardly onto the abbreviated structure successful close tract for a three-run homer and a 5-3 Yankees’ victory.

Contacted successful New York Friday, Sewald said it was the archetypal clip helium and Gallo had faced each different successful the large leagues.

“I privation to accidental I faced him a mates of times successful the insignificant leagues and it had gone reasonably well,” said the right-handed reliever, who is enjoying a renaissance with the Mariners aft spending 4 seasons with New York’s different shot team, the Mets. “Had we been anyplace different than Yankee Stadium, that would person been a pop-out.”

Said Gallo astir his archetypal homer successful pinstripes since being traded by the Texas Rangers: “I was conscionable hoping that it would enactment fair. I was conscionable hoping it would get out.”

At Gorman, Gallo was 4 years down Sewald, who pitched and played outfield for the school’s archetypal authorities shot title squad successful 2006. Sewald said his younger member Johnny, who played astatine Arizona State and spent a mates of seasons successful the Houston Astros’ organization, and Gallo were adjacent friends.

As for getting adjacent with his erstwhile Gael, Sewald, who arsenic of Friday had struck retired 59 batters portion walking lone 12 successful 35⅓ innings for Seattle, mustered a chuckle.

“I’d beryllium shocked if I didn’t look them again successful the adjacent 3 games,” helium said.


— Ben Verlander (@BenVerlander) August 6, 2021

Around the horn

— A time aft celebrating his 43rd day Wednesday, NASCAR prima Kurt Busch talked astir the interaction of Craig Keough, laminitis and proprietor of Las Vegas’ Star Nursery and his archetypal large sponsor, connected his formative years arsenic a velocity demon.

“He turned maine into much of a nonrecreational and all-around racer,” Busch said during a telephone chat arsenic helium prepared to ascent into a simulator for refresher laps connected the venerable Watkins Glen roadworthy circuit, tract of Sunday’s Cup Series instrumentality from a two-week respite. “When we started to question astir connected the Southwest Tour and I was representing his Star Nursery brand, that’s erstwhile things started to click for me.”

Busch would repay Keough for his generosity earlier the 2019 Pennzoil 400 astatine Las Vegas Motor Speedway erstwhile helium talked his car proprietor Chip Ganassi into adorning his acquainted No. 1 introduction with Star Nursery’s colors and logo.

RENDER PREVIEW: Kurt Busch 2019 Star Nursery Chevy Camaro!

— NASCAR DIECAST FANS (@DiecastFans) May 17, 2019

— When Greg Deichmann joined chap 2021 Las Vegas Aviators teammate Frank Schwindel successful the Chicago Cubs starting lineup against the crosstown White Sox Friday, Cubs broadcaster Jim Deshaies remarked astir having to indebtedness wealth to erstwhile Las Vegas Stars teammates who had attempted to bushed the location during his clip successful the minors.

Deshaies pitched for the Stars successful 1992, going 6-3 with a 4.03 earned-run mean portion seemingly starring the Pacific Coast League successful compound interest.


— Cade Horn (@cadeh1999) August 6, 2021

— Garrett Gouldsmith, the 22-year-old lad of erstwhile UNLV shot manager Buddy Gouldsmith, died aft drowning successful Donner League adjacent Lake Tahoe connected August 1. Garrett Gouldsmith was an all-state shot subordinate astatine Reno High who played astatine New Mexico and Washington State.


Yes, Kurt Busch said. Younger member Kyle yet congratulated him aft the siblings finished 1-2 successful a caller contention astatine Atlanta that locked Kurt into the NASCAR playoffs but caused Kyle to mostly kick astir blocking tactics by his brother’s teammate Ross Chastain that played a portion successful Kurt’s win.

“He loves to win, right?” Kurt said with a telltale chuckle. “He hates to decorativeness second, and past it’s different level erstwhile I bushed him. It takes him a fewer days to ellipse backmost around, but that’s his style, the rival successful him, and I emotion him.”

"Shows you what benignant of a POS helium is." Kyle Busch wasn't blessed with Ross Chastain aft Atlanta. #RaceHub

— FOX: NASCAR (@NASCARONFOX) July 12, 2021

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