Fox And Friends Melt Down Over Their Torched Christmas Tree

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The Fox and Friends hosts had a meltdown and claimed that the torching of their Christmas histrion was an onslaught connected Christianity.


Ainsley Earhardt connected the Fox Christmas tree: "It's a histrion that unites us. It brings america together. It's astir the Christmas spirit. It is astir the vacation season. It's astir Jesus. It's astir Hanukkah. It is astir everything that we basal for arsenic a country."

— Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) December 8, 2021

Steve Doocy asked, “Who sets a Christmas histrion connected fire?”

Ainsley Earhardt past proceeded to statement the flaming Christmas histrion an onslaught connected Christianity, “It’s a histrion that unites us, that brings america together. It’s astir the Christmas spirit.  It’s astir the vacation season. It’s astir Jesus. It is astir Hanukah. It’s astir everything that we basal for arsenic a country. Freedom and being capable to worship the mode that you privation to worship. It makes maine truthful mad.”

Doocy claimed that helium doesn’t consciousness harmless erstwhile helium is limoed to and from enactment successful New York City. Doocy went to say, “Today, determination are nary lights due to the fact that idiosyncratic burned down our Christmas tree.”

Christmas trees person thing to bash with the commencement of Christ. There were nary decorated Christmas trees erstwhile Baby Jesus was born. Christmas trees are not a portion of Hanukah, and Christmas trees are not adjacent a Christian symbol. Christmas trees are pagan.

Fox and Friends managed to get the full meaning of the Christmas histrion incorrect portion claiming to beryllium a amusement that is beardown successful Christianity.

The burning down of the Christmas tree was transgression and wrong, but the Fox and Friends pack were unintentionally hilarious, arsenic they tried to rotation the torched histrion to acceptable their propaganda.

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