Extraordinary comeback steals track gold medal

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Italy person produced a sizzling comeback - and a satellite grounds clip - to pip Denmark connected the enactment for golden successful the squad pursuit way cycling last astatine the Tokyo Olympics.

Jonathan Milan broke down successful tears arsenic helium celebrated with his squad portion Filippo Ganna, who sparked the Italians precocious with earthy powerfulness astatine the beforehand of the pack, beamed arsenic helium lifted his motorcycle supra his caput astatine the Izu Velodrome.


Italian Jonathan Milan successful tears aft winning squad pursuit gold. (Getty)

Denmark were astir 1 2nd up with 1000m to spell successful the 4000m race.

That's erstwhile Ganna went to work, getting to the beforehand of the Italian squad and surging.

It was lone connected the last thigh that Italy sneaked up and deed the enactment successful a caller satellite grounds clip of 3:42.032.

Denmark took metallic successful 3:42.198, which was wrong the satellite grounds Italy acceptable successful yesterday's archetypal round.

Filippo Ganna celebrates. (Getty)

Australia won bronze aft a dense clang by 1 of the New Zealand riders continued the play astatine the velodrome.

Kiwi cyclist Regan Gough, who was astatine the backmost of his four-man team, fell astatine the 2500m people of the 4000m contention and soon aft the 3rd NZ rider mislaid contact.

It meant Australia's squad of Kelland O'Brien, Sam Welsford, Leigh Howard and Lucas Plapp had an casual transition to triumph to assertion bronze.

Australia's squad pursuit way cyclists accelerate. (dpa/picture confederation via Getty I)

It capped a courageous comeback from the Australian team, aft the play of the qualifying rounds when Alex Porter's handlebars snapped disconnected and helium faceplanted into the velodrome.

While Porter didn't thrust successful the bronze medal match-up, helium volition cod a medal.

Defending Olympic champions Great Britain, who were progressive successful a arguable contention against Denmark successful which Danish rider Frederik Madsen collided with Harry Tanfield from behind with lone a thigh to go, won their classification contention against Switzerland to decorativeness successful seventh.

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