Ex-Officer Who Killed Mentally Disabled Man Is Charged With Manslaughter

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U.S.|Ex-Officer Who Killed Mentally Disabled Man Is Charged With Manslaughter


The California lawyer general’s bureau filed charges against Salvador Sanchez, a erstwhile Los Angeles serviceman who changeable Kenneth French astatine a Costco portion disconnected work successful 2019.

Police officers leaving a Costco store   successful  Corona, Calif., aft  the fatal shooting of Kenneth French connected  June 14, 2019. His parents were besides  wounded.
Credit...Will Lester/The Orange County Register, via Associated Press

Aug. 9, 2021, 9:34 p.m. ET

The California lawyer wide filed manslaughter and battle charges connected Monday against a erstwhile Los Angeles constabulary serviceman who changeable and killed a mentally disabled antheral wrong a Costco store successful 2019.

The erstwhile officer, Salvador Sanchez, 30, was arrested connected Monday successful Riverside County and charged with 1 number of voluntary manslaughter and 2 counts of battle with a semiautomatic weapon, according to a transgression complaint.

Mr. Sanchez was disconnected work connected June 14, 2019, erstwhile helium killed 32-year-old Kenneth French and wounded his parents, Russell, 58, and Paola French, 59, during a confrontation. Mr. French, who relatives said had a intelligence disablement and was nonverbal, had been buying with his parents astatine a Costco successful Corona, Calif., eastbound of Los Angeles.

Rob Bonta, the lawyer wide of California, said successful a connection that “where there’s crushed to judge a transgression has been committed, we volition question justice.”

“That’s precisely what these charges are about: pursuing justness aft an autarkic and thorough reappraisal of the grounds and the law,” Mr. Bonta said. “Ultimately, immoderate nonaccomplishment of beingness is simply a calamity and being licensed to transportation a weapon doesn’t mean you’re not accountable for however you usage it. No substance who you are, cipher is supra the law.”

David Winslow, a lawyer for Mr. Sanchez, said successful a connection that his lawsuit “was holding his babe erstwhile helium was violently attacked and knocked to the ground” by Mr. French. Mr. Sanchez was momentarily knocked unconscious, Mr. Winslow said, and believed his beingness and his child’s beingness were successful danger.


Credit...Jeff Gritchen/The Orange County Register, via Associated Press

Dianne Bawit, a witnesser to the shooting, told The New York Times successful 2019 that arsenic Mr. Sanchez got up from the ground, appearing distressed, helium pulled retired his weapon and fired respective shots.

Mr. Winslow characterized the charges against Mr. Sanchez arsenic “politically motivated” and said what his lawsuit did were the actions of “a begetter successful self-defense and protecting his child.”

Dale Galipo, a lawyer for Russell and Paola French, did not respond to a petition for remark connected Monday. Gregory Salnick, a lawyer representing the household successful the transgression investigation, declined to comment.

According to The Los Angeles Times, constabulary documents amusement that Mr. Sanchez was astatine slightest 20 feet from Mr. French and his parents erstwhile helium opened fire.

A Riverside County expansive assemblage declined to indict Mr. Sanchez respective months aft the killing. He was fired successful July 2020, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Days aft the killing, Rick Shureih, a relative of Mr. French’s, said successful a Facebook station that has since been made private: “Our household has witnesser accounts that bash not lucifer up to the archetypal story. We are a pro constabulary family. I person galore friends successful Law Enforcement. We request justness to prevail! Please reappraisal the surveillance tape!”

Mr. Shureih besides wrote that his household “was unarmed and was conscionable market shopping.”

“Did helium truly person to sprout them all? Mr. Shureih said.

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