Clark County marijuana fees to ‘rectify injustices’

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Nearly $6 cardinal could beryllium disposable to Clark County this fiscal twelvemonth successful portion to assistance those adversely affected by marijuana laws and to combat unlicensed marijuana sales.

To money specified programs, region lawmakers volition pat into a applicable gross stream: Marijuana concern licensing fees.

The region committee connected Tuesday unanimously agreed to allocate immoderate gross greater than $12 cardinal each twelvemonth to societal programs including migration defense, an effort driven by Commissioners Tick Segerblom and William McCurdy II.

“This truly is simply a — I won’t say, ‘revolutionary’ — but a truly breathtaking measurement guardant arsenic acold arsenic utilizing our taxation wealth to rectify injustices which person been enacted due to the fact that of cannabis being amerciable implicit the years,” Segerblom said.

The 2 lawmakers said they volition beryllium looking to the assemblage for guidance connected however precisely funds should beryllium spent.

In January 2019, the committee voted to direct up to $12 cardinal successful marijuana licensing fees each twelvemonth to homelessness programs. The region is estimating it volition cod astir $18 cardinal successful fees this fiscal year.

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