Cirque pumps the brakes on ‘Ka’ return at MGM Grand

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Cirque du Soleil is edging backmost the timeline of its last amusement to reopen connected the Strip.

“Ka” astatine MGM Grand is present projected to relaunch successful November, according to institution spokeswoman Ann Paladie. She reiterated the amusement does program to reopen by the extremity of the year.

Company CEO Daniel Lamarre said successful July, arsenic “Mystere” was astir to restart, the amusement would apt beryllium up and moving successful October.

Reportedly, “Ka” is taking measured steps successful reopening due to the fact that of the caller COVID surge and disguise mandates. All Cirque performers successful “Mystere” and “O” are wearing look covers onstage (except for astir aerial acts oregon those performed successful the water), according to institution directives. Audience members are required to beryllium masked due to the fact that of the state’s latest COVID protocols.

Cirque’s upcoming openings are inactive going guardant arsenic scheduled. “Michael Jackson One” astatine the Mirage is acceptable for Aug. 19, followed by “Love” astatine the Mirage connected Aug. 26. “Ka” is some the company’s largest, and astir expensive, Vegas production.

ZZ Top successful ‘21

Contrary to concerns that ZZ Top mightiness not execute its Vegas dates astatine The Venetian Theatre successful October, Billy F. Gibbons has confirmed the set plans to support those dates connected the books. Gibbons quoted the departed bassist Dusty Hill, laid to remainder Tuesday successful Houston, arsenic saying, “Let the amusement spell on!” It was not a metaphor. It was a directive. The set has taken connected seasoned ZZ Top guitar tech Elwood Francis arsenic its 3rd member.

Hill volition beryllium featured extensively, connected bass and vocals, connected the upcoming ZZ Top album. That task was astir completed upon Hill’s death, and should beryllium retired by the holidays.

Turner the burner

It has been 3 years, remarkably, since Earl Turner performed successful town. The longtime Vegas headliner astir precocious appeared successful “Soundtrack” with Clint Holmes astatine the Westgate successful 2018. He’s breaking the drawstring astatine 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday astatine South Point Showroom. Turner is performing songs he’s lone sung for an assemblage once. “Love Me Like a Rock,” by Paul Simon, “Work To Do” by the Isley Brothers, and the Sinatra standard, “The Way You Look Tonight.”

Turner spent overmuch of 2018-2019 connected the roadworthy and besides arsenic a headliner connected Royal Caribbean International. He has hosted his ain Facebook Live speech amusement done overmuch of COVID.

“It’s not a question of getting backmost connected the motorcycle again. I tin bash that,” Turner says. “We’ll spot however agelong I tin thrust it.”

Ru the day

Ru Paul’s Drag Race Live!” is reopening astatine Flamingo Showroom connected Thursday night. The formed took in Piff The Magic Dragon’s amusement connected Monday night. Piff is connected fire, pulling much than 500 paid a night, by the way.

On my mode retired a ticket-holder asked wherefore each the “Ru Paul” performers were watching Piff. I said it was due to the fact that the 2 acts divided clip successful the showroom. “Do they connection two-for-ones?” this idiosyncratic asked.

Well. Now we person the anticipation of the “Drag ‘n’ Dragon” discount package. Make it happen.

Meantime, astatine the Rio …

“Wow” is returning to its showroom connected Aug. 10. The underdog accumulation continues to find a mode to marque a show.

And, successful a startling crook of events, “Chippendales” is acceptable to instrumentality to the property. No announced venue oregon timeline, but we are assured the antheral revue is returning to its archetypal home. Caesars Entertainment had unopen down the Chipps’ theatre successful May, leaving the amusement without a venue. Now we are proceeding caller theater, and a September relaunch.

“Wow,” produced by the erstwhile prime-time mime Hanoch Rosenn, has logged much than 1,000 performances successful Vegas. Rosenn besides produces “Extravaganza” astatine Bally’s, a amusement akin to “Wow” successful its galore specialty acts, and besides its resiliency.

Rolling with the punches

Floyd Mayweather and Usher wheeled astir Mayweather’s Skate Rock City connected Tuesday. Mayweather besides deed Usher’s amusement astatine the Colosseum astatine Caesars Palace connected Saturday night, the aforesaid nighttime Kevin Hart blew up the show with his unbilled, R-rated creation number. The trio posed for pics astatine the show’s Backstory pre-show accumulation beneath the Colosseum.

As Usher posted connected his Twitter page, “What happens successful Ushh Club stays successful Ushh Club.”

Shout retired the champ, @FloydMayweather @skaterockcity

📸: @thomasfalcone

— Usher Raymond IV (@Usher) August 3, 2021

Even much ‘Lovers’

The “Lovers & Friends Festival” has added a 2nd date, May 15, to its show astatine Las Vegas Festival Grounds. The archetypal May 14 day reportedly sold retired successful an hour. The aforementioned Usher, Ludacris, Lauren Hill and Lil Jon are among the headliners. Tickets are onsale to the wide nationalist astatine 2 p.m. Monday.

Osmond names it

“Start Again” is the rubric of Donny Osmond’s upcoming release. Osmond posted the caller album’s screen connected societal media past week. Osmond whittled 40 songs to 12 for the caller release, owed retired conscionable aft Osmond opens astatine Harrah’s Showroom connected Aug. 31.

Shout retired the champ, @FloydMayweather @skaterockcity

📸: @thomasfalcone

— Usher Raymond IV (@Usher) August 3, 2021

Cool Hang Alert

Arizona Charlie’s Decatur revives the famed Naughty Ladies Saloon with American Eagle USA astatine 8 p.m. Saturday. Yes, an Eagles tribute set kicking it up wherever The Checkmates erstwhile held forth. There is nary screen charge, but wage tribute to the musicians’ extremity jar.

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