California bear cub, burned in fire, escapes from Tahoe center

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — Wildlife officials astatine Lake Tahoe are asking for the public’s assistance successful locating a carnivore cub that escaped from an carnal rescue halfway wherever he was being treated for burns suffered successful a Sierra wildfire.

The 6-month-old achromatic carnivore — nicknamed “Tamarack” aft the occurrence that burned his paws — escaped his enclosure and managed to passageway nether an electrical obstruction astatine Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care successful South Lake Tahoe, the halfway said successful a connection connected Tuesday.

“He is not successful imminent information and is not a threat, but we request to find him arsenic soon arsenic possible,” the halfway said.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and section instrumentality enforcement are assisting successful the search. The halfway is urging radical astir South Tahoe to beryllium connected the lookout, particularly successful the areas of the Heavenly Valley skis resort, Black Bart and Sierra Tract neighborhoods.

The 25-pound cub mightiness person bandages connected his beforehand paws. He apt climbed a histrion oregon is hiding successful a tiny space.

The halfway said it’s important for radical that spot him to interaction authorities and support distant from the carnal due to the fact that helium is frightened of humans. It has acceptable up a hotline for tips astatine 530-577-2273.

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