Caesars CEO bullish on Las Vegas, resorts despite mask mandate

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Caesars Entertainment Inc. isn’t expecting Nevada’s newest disguise mandate to dilatory things down.

Overall occupancy rates for the 4th astatine the company’s Strip resorts deed 89 percent, the institution said, and Caesars expects those numbers to ascent done the remainder of the year.

“There could beryllium bumps on the mode successful presumption of masks and protocols that we person to follow, but the request is exceedingly strong, and has continued to build. So we consciousness bully astir wherever we are successful the bricks and mortar business,” Caesars Entertainment CEO Tom Reeg said Tuesday during a quarterly net telephone with investors.

After dropping the disguise mandate successful aboriginal May, Nevada past week re-implemented the request successful 12 of 17 counties identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention arsenic areas of precocious transmission for COVID-19. Key metrics, including corruption rates, hospitalizations and deaths, person been connected the emergence since mid-June arsenic the much contagious delta variant has go the ascendant strain successful Nevada and the state’s vaccination rate, which sits beneath the nationalist average, has stagnated.

Despite the caller surge successful COVID-19 cases successful Southern Nevada, the institution expects its Las Vegas resorts to stay successful the low-to-mid 90 percent occupancy complaint scope going forward, according to Reeg.

“What’s going connected with the disguise mandate is acold little onerous than the restrictions we dealt with successful the past quarter,” Reeg said.

Big quarter

Caesars brought successful $2.5 cardinal successful nett revenues during the 4th that ended connected June 30, astir 20 times what the institution generated successful the aforesaid play of 2020 erstwhile casinos and astir different businesses were forced to adjacent their doors arsenic the COVID-19 pandemic took clasp crossed the globe. The institution reported a nett income of $72 cardinal connected those revenues past quarter, compared with a nett nonaccomplishment of $100 cardinal successful the aforesaid 4th of 2020.

The institution noted that the quarter’s bully showing came portion important restrictions, including capableness limits, societal distancing requirements and the archetypal disguise mandate, were inactive successful spot connected Strip properties done March and April arsenic good arsenic portion of May.

A batch of that occurrence besides came portion the ever-important normal and radical concern travel, which typically buoy mid-week occupancy astatine resorts, was conscionable starting to trickle backmost to Las Vegas. As those types of travelers return, concern astatine the company’s Strip resorts should lone improve, Caesars President and Chief Operating Office Anthony Carano said.

Carano said that radical and normal revenues for the 2nd fractional of 2021 compared with the aforesaid play successful 2019, a clip earlier the pandemic had hit, are pacing up astatine astir 18 percent.

“We stay encouraged by booking trends for the 2nd fractional of 2021. We’re expecting radical concern to commencement returning to Vegas, with each period getting amended arsenic we advancement passim the 2nd fractional of the year,” Carano said.

Sale inactive connected horizon

Reeg said that the institution inactive plans to merchantability disconnected 1 of its 8 Strip properties, a determination that has been planned since Caesars Entrainment merged with Eldorado Resorts.

“Nothing has changed there,” Reeg said. “We inactive expect to merchantability a Vegas Strip asset, and I would expect that merchantability to instrumentality spot successful 2022.”

Reeg besides said that helium has “no interest” successful expanding Caesars Entertainment’s footprint to Chicago, which successful April published a petition for connection for a caller casino successful the nation’s third-largest metropolitan area.

The institution was besides bullish connected its plans for sports betting, pointing to the revamped Caesars Sportsbook mobile betting app and nationwide selling campaign that launched Monday arsenic portion of a rebranding inaugural pursuing its acquisition of sports betting elephantine William Hill earlier this year.

Reeg said Caesars intends to much than $1 cardinal implicit the adjacent two-and-a-half years to physique its lawsuit basal wrong the sports betting market.

“We realized that we run successful a satellite that is competitive, and that we’ve got to leap successful and compete,” helium said.

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