Better Beliebe it: Justin Bieber announces Vegas takeover

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Beliebers, don’t halt Belieben: your antheral is headed to town.

That’s right, popular superstar Justin Bieber is coming to Vegas for his first-ever curated question experience.

So, what precisely is simply a curated question experience?

Well, it’s 3 days and nights of events taking spot astatine assorted venues successful town, from Oct. 7-10, centered connected a headlining show by Bieber successful a much intimate abstraction than the arenas he’s utilized to filling.

Additionally, determination volition beryllium a skate league and skate parkland takeover, pop-ups of Bieber’s favourite nutrient items and poolside and late-night performances from immoderate of his favourite philharmonic collaborators and artists.

Basically, it’s each of Bieber’s favourite stuff, curated by the 27-year-old himself.

Venues and performers volition beryllium announced astatine a aboriginal date.

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