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The Tokyo Olympics is already being hailed by immoderate arsenic Australia's champion ever, not conscionable due to the fact that of the bonzer medal haul of the team.

Emily Seebohm opened up astir the touching infinitesimal connected the podium she shared with young Aussie swimmer Kaylee McKeown after the 20-year-old claimed her archetypal Olympic golden medal successful the 200m backstroke successful Tokyo.

McKeown had earlier claimed the 100m last and backed it up successful the 200m backstroke, clocking 2:04.68 successful lane 2 up of Canada's Kylie Masse (2:05.42) and Seebohm (2:06.17) successful third.

With a golden and bronze medal for Australia, the brace had a heartwarming speech connected the podium erstwhile Seebohm presented McKeown with her prize, earlier the younger swimmer past invited the 29-year-old seasoned to articulation her connected the apical step.

"It was my favourite portion of the OIympics to beryllium honest, to beryllium capable to bash that," Seebohm said of the infinitesimal connected Nine's Today.


Gold medalist Kaylee McKeown of Team Australia (L) and bronze medalist Emily Seebohm airs connected the podium. (Getty)

"That was conscionable truthful amazing.

"We were some truthful emotional. Because we don't person household determination it's really, truly hard. I bid with Kaylee's sister Taylor, truthful I turned to Kaylee and said 'Do you caput if I contiguous you with your medal?' Because no-one was really doing that determination due to the fact that of COVID and I truly wanted thing peculiar we could stock together. Especially for Taylor arsenic well.

"I cognize Taylor would person killed to person been determination to ticker her sister bash truthful so well, and truthful would her mum. So I consciousness similar we had this transportation determination and I truly wanted to bash thing for her that we tin retrieve forever."

McKeown was 1 of the galore breakout stars from the Australian aquatics squad astatine the Tokyo Olympics, but she did not disregard those who came earlier her.

"She deserved to beryllium connected that golden medal podium arsenic overmuch arsenic I did. It meant the satellite to some of us," McKeown said aft she took golden up of Seebohm.

Four-time Olympian Seebohm was successful tears erstwhile discussing her accomplishment aft the race, and went connected to assertion 4x100m medley relay·gold aboriginal successful the Games too, which brought her idiosyncratic Olympic medal tally to seven, with her 200m backstroke bronze successful Tokyo coming 9 years aft her lone different medal successful an idiosyncratic lawsuit - metallic successful the 100 backstroke astatine London 2012.

Kaylee McKeown, of Australia, is congratulated by teammate Emily Seebohm aft winning the last of the women's 100m backstroke astatine the 2020 Summer Olympics. (AP)

Seebohm is present backmost successful Australia, quarantining successful the Northern Territory with the remainder of the aquatics squad earlier they are capable to instrumentality to their respective states. As portion of the COVID-19 information measures astatine the Tokyo Olympics, athletes were required to instrumentality location instantly aft their contention had concluded, dissimilar erstwhile Games were athletes could stay successful the metropolis for the full event.

"I deliberation it is disappointing that we don't get to enactment and ticker the remainder of the Olympics, due to the fact that that is thing we emotion to do, but to beryllium location aft specified a large run and a precise tiny run with nary fans, nary family, its precise antithetic to the different Olympics i've been to," Seebohm told Today.

Emily Seebohm beams arsenic she shows disconnected her bronze medal. (Getty)

"But I'm yet home, successful immoderate sun, it's fantastic.

"It's ever a imagination to spell to much Olympics and erstwhile you acquisition 1 you conscionable privation much and much and more. Being to 4 is conscionable unbelievable and to travel distant with a medal each clip is conscionable icing connected the cake."

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