Always check out rules governing pesticides use

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Q: I americium a wildlife biologist and a gardener. You should retract your connection astir poisoning crushed squirrels arsenic the poisoned bodies volition look successful the nutrient concatenation of hawks, owls, coyotes, foxes and snakes.

A: You are right. Poisoned carcasses of immoderate carnal tin participate the nutrient concatenation of different animals. It is important to marque definite that individuals are pursuing each federal, authorities oregon section laws oregon ordinances pertaining to the usage of a pesticide — whether it is utilized to termination weeds, insects, support plants from diseases oregon terminate the beingness of a critter — and that immoderate pesticide is utilized arsenic a past resort. Make definite to work the pesticide statement and travel its directions.

Ground squirrels tin rob a histrion of almonds overnight. One method to debar this from happening is to harvest the nuts earlier successful the calendar twelvemonth and adust them successful a protected location.

There are antithetic ways to destruct crushed squirrels. Pest power companies beryllium that absorption connected humane methods and marketplace these options for acrophobic gardeners. I would notation anyone funny to travel the proposal fixed by the University of California regarding controlling crushed squirrels:

Please retrieve that trapping and releasing an carnal to different country is amerciable successful astir states and perchance cruel.

Q: Why are the leaves of my effect trees cupping?

A: Fruit histrion leaves of apples, pears, pistachios, tomatoes and different plants successful afloat prima each time agelong volition sometimes cupful oregon roll. Excessive irrigation and fertilizer, precocious temperatures, the assortment of the histrion oregon plant, overly adust soils, basal harm and planting daze are immoderate of the biology factors that tin origin physiological leafage rotation successful effect trees. Over clip each of the leaves connected the works whitethorn beryllium affected.

If your works is showing tons of leafage roll, archetypal blasted the precocious temperatures of summer. Leaf rolling won’t wounded the leaves arsenic agelong arsenic they stay brushed and pliable.

Next, beryllium cautious of irrigation. Irrigation should support the ungraded consistently moist for astir plot plants and not let the ungraded to adust retired rapidly.

Apply a aboveground mulch to dilatory h2o nonaccomplishment from the ungraded and trim works stress. Wood chips, straw, shredded paper applied a fewer inches heavy volition dilatory h2o nonaccomplishment from the soil, trim effect cracking from irrigation and conserve moisture.

Q: What causes cantaloupe melons to divided earlier they gaffe the vine?

A: Like immoderate fruit, erstwhile the melon nears maturity and the extracurricular rind hardens and irrigation h2o is pumped into fruit, they split. That tin hap with melons, cherries, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers and different botanical fruits. Fruits with bladed tegument similar cherries are much susceptible to splitting aft a rainfall than thicker-skinned melons. Fruit splitting tin hap soon aft an irrigation erstwhile the temperatures person created a batch of accent oregon close aft a rain.

Rainwater enters the effect done the tegument oregon rind and causes it to swell and burst. It is due to the fact that of an osmotic effect, and susceptible fruits volition divided erstwhile astir ripe and their sweetener contented is peaking.

Nearing maturity is the clip these fruits are afloat of sweetener and primed for rainfall and the osmotic effect. Nearly ripe is simply a unsafe clip for a operation of effect and rain.

What to do? First of all, enactment the variety. Some varieties are much susceptible to splitting portion others are not.

Secondly, harvest climacteric effect (those fruits that proceed to ripen aft they are picked) aboriginal earlier a rainfall and fto them ripen protected aft harvest. Unfortunately, melons are non-climacteric and bash not ripen further aft picking. Protect the effect from rainwater and use a aboveground mulch during blistery weather.

Q: Why bash my pomegranate trees person ample branches lying connected the ground?

A: This tin hap to pomegranates erstwhile they person been successful the crushed for a abbreviated clip and not pruned regularly. Pomegranates should person emerging suckers removed truthful that lone 5 oregon six of the larger stems remain. Then broadside maturation is pruned from these main stems to astir genu height. That results successful larger effect produced connected the remaining stems, and effect produced connected little branches volition not prevarication connected the ground.

The remaining stems volition commencement flowering and thin toward the crushed arsenic the dense effect bends them over. As these stems get older, they volition get stronger. New maturation comes from the remaining bent stems and not arsenic sucker maturation from the base.

Removing the sucker maturation from the bottommost encourages the remaining stems to turn beardown and erect without crowding them. Removal of sucker maturation indispensable beryllium done often erstwhile they are young until the caller maturation emerges from the larger stems and not from suckers astatine the base.

Q: What is the scope of N-P-K worth successful cattle manure that I spot immoderate landscapers usage for grass?

A: The fertilizer contented (N-P-K value) of steer oregon cattle manure varies due to the fact that of what they devour and however the manure is collected and processed. It is considered debased successful fertilizer contented arsenic acold arsenic fertilizers go.

It would instrumentality a precise tiny magnitude of bagged fertilizer to adjacent the fertilizer contented successful a ton of manure. Both manures incorporate astir 4 percent nitrogen and lesser amounts of phosphorus (P value) and potassium (K value). They tin some beryllium precocious successful salts and affluent successful bully and atrocious microorganisms.

There is simply a quality betwixt steer and cattle manure. Cow manure is typically derived from cows utilized for dairy farming. Steer manure is derived from cows fed for nutrient production. Steer manure typically contains much brackish than cattle manure and is considered hotter erstwhile applying it to plants.

The worth successful manure is owed much to its imaginable for ungraded enrichment alternatively than its N-P-K content. For that reason, it tin beryllium mixed into a blistery compost pile. The vigor from the compost piles volition assistance to alteration the microorganism contented and alteration oregon perchance destruct those microorganisms that are a imaginable quality wellness problem.

Research has shown that applications of composted manure tin trim tract diseases due to the fact that of its precocious microorganism count. The exertion of adust manure is done champion with a barrel-type compost spreader.

Bob Morris is simply a horticulture adept and prof emeritus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Visit his blog astatine Send questions to

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