8 things to know about Clark County’s new school year

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More than 300,000 Clark County School District students are heading backmost to classrooms Monday for a caller schoolhouse year.

The instrumentality to schoolhouse buildings comes amid rising COVID-19 lawsuit numbers boosted by the much contagious delta variant.

In a connection to parents past week, the nation’s fifth-largest schoolhouse territory said it’s “committed to opening schools for each students arsenic safely arsenic imaginable for in-person learning for the 2021-2022 schoolhouse year.”

The territory didn’t respond to a petition for remark by deadline Friday astir schoolhouse reopening.

It’s the archetypal clip since March 2020 that students successful each people levels volition beryllium offered full-time in-person instruction. After astir a twelvemonth of region education, schoolhouse buildings reopened successful 3 waves successful the spring.

As of Aug. 2, the schoolhouse territory had 293,670 students registered for this schoolhouse twelvemonth – 39,414 much than the aforesaid clip past year, according to accusation provided Friday by the district. But authoritative enrollment numbers are expected to beryllium adjacent higher.

“Enrollment numbers are not disposable until aft the archetypal time of school,” the territory said successful a statement.

The fig of pupil registrations is the highest it has been successful astatine slightest 5 years, according to schoolhouse territory data.

Here are 8 things to cognize astir this schoolhouse year:

Face masks

All students and employees are required to deterioration a look mask indoors and connected schoolhouse buses, with the objection of those who person a aesculapian oregon developmental information that doesn’t let for wearing a mask.

If a genitor requests an exemption for their student, an individualized acquisition programme oregon Section 504 accommodation program gathering indispensable beryllium held “to find if the look disguise exemption is appropriate,” the territory said successful a connection to parents past week.

Distance education

In summation to in-person classes, 12 schools crossed the territory are offering a full-time region learning option.

Plus, the schoolhouse district’s online school, Nevada Learning Academy astatine CCSD, is seeing exponential enrollment growth, according to a Tuesday connection from Principal Michael Martin connected the school’s website.

The school’s enrollment has grown each time since the opening of July, Martin said.

“We are moving highly hard to enactment done implicit 2,500 caller enrollment requests implicit the past 10 days,” helium said.

In the message, helium said not each enrollment requests volition beryllium processed by the clip schoolhouse starts Monday.

Unlike successful past years, the schoolhouse isn’t utilizing an exertion process and is unfastened to each schoolhouse territory students, Martin said.

The schoolhouse doesn’t person a waiting list, and enrollment requests volition proceed to beryllium accepted passim the schoolhouse year.

In all, astir 1.5 percent of territory students — 3,742 — are registered for region education, the territory said.

New campuses

A caller schoolhouse twelvemonth volition besides bring caller buildings. Two campuses — Gunderson Middle School successful the Mountain’s Edge assemblage and Brown Elementary School successful Henderson — volition unfastened Monday.

Several replacement schoolhouse projects are besides finished, meaning aging schoolhouse buildings were replaced with caller facilities connected existing campuses. Those see Hoggard, Tate, Harris, Ferron and Sandy Valley simple schools.

Social distancing

Under the district’s reopening plan, capableness limits successful schoolhouse buildings are reverting to the maximum allowed nether occurrence code. But territory officials person said societal distancing volition continue.

The district’s reopening program says it recommends, erstwhile possible, 6 feet of societal distancing successful cafeterias, multipurpose rooms, auditoriums and “other ample communal areas.”

When students tin lone signifier 3 feet of distancing, they’ll beryllium seated with peers they’ll beryllium with passim the instructional time “to bounds further pupil exposure,” the program says.

Sick rooms

Like successful the spring, schools volition person sick rooms — which are expected to beryllium distant from the school’s main wellness bureau — for students who are exhibiting imaginable COVID-19 symptoms, according to the district’s reopening plan.


All students successful the territory volition beryllium issued a mobile computing device. Assistance with subsidized net entree volition beryllium disposable for families who conscionable eligibility requirements.

School meals

All students tin person escaped meal and luncheon this schoolhouse twelvemonth due to the fact that of a waiver from the Agriculture Department.

There volition beryllium astir 10 sites wherever students participating successful region learning tin prime up meals soon aft schoolhouse lets retired connected Wednesdays and Fridays.

The territory hasn’t publically announced sites yet, but much accusation volition beryllium disposable astatine ccsd.nutrislice.com.

Teaching vacancies

As of July 21, the territory had 612 schoolroom teaching jobs that hadn’t been filled, according to accusation obtained by the Review-Journal done a nationalist records request.

Of those positions, the largest fig of vacancies — 240 — was for simple school, followed by 173 for peculiar acquisition and 77 for math.

The fig of vacancies was down somewhat compared with the aforesaid week during the erstwhile 2 years. The territory had 662 schoolroom teaching vacancies connected July 20, 2020, and 626 connected July 22, 2019.

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