5 ways to save on your children’s extracurriculars

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By Nicole Dow The Penny Hoarder

August 1, 2021 - 4:37 am

Extracurricular activities are large for children. They assistance kids larn caller things and cleanable their skills. They supply opportunities to enslaved with peers and a constructive usage of time. They look large connected assemblage and assistance applications.

But each that enrichment comes astatine a cost. And these nonessential additions to the household fund tin beryllium costly to support up with — particularly erstwhile you person aggregate children with aggregate interests.

Huntington Bank and Communities successful Schools’ 2019 Backpack Index estimates extracurricular fees mean astir $150 for simple students, $250 for mediate schoolhouse students and $350 for precocious schoolhouse students. Of course, determination are parents who walk overmuch more.

If the outgo of after-school activities concerns you, see these ways to marque them much affordable.

These money-saving tips volition assistance you support the kids blessed without upsetting your finances.

1. Turn to authorities oregon nonprofit programs

Before signing your kids up for backstage euphony lessons oregon a traveling sports league, cheque to spot if determination are akin offerings located astatine oregon sponsored by your local:



Library system


Boys and Girls Club

Police Athletic League

Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts

United Way

Salvation Army

City oregon region parks and recreation department

Community college

2. Ask astir discounts

Be thrifty and prevention wherever you tin by asking the enactment supplier astir discounts. Is determination a proceedings play wherever your kid tin instrumentality a people oregon 2 for escaped earlier signing up for the season? Can you get a discounted complaint for being a returning participant, enrolling much than 1 kid oregon recommending different household to motion up?

Some programs connection a reduced complaint if you registry earlier a definite date, if you motion up for a bundle of sessions oregon if you unpaid to coach. Others connection scholarships oregon acceptable their prices connected a sliding standard based connected income. You mightiness privation to inquire if the enactment volition let you to acceptable up a outgo program alternatively than requiring each the wealth upfront.

Pro tip: Check discount sites similar Groupon oregon Living Social for existent deals connected activities.

3. Reduce the different costs of after-school activities

The outgo to enroll your kid successful an enactment is seldom the lone disbursal you’ll encounter. Equipment, supplies, uniforms, fundraisers, question and show tickets tin greatly summation your investment.

Find ways to little these further costs whenever possible. Arrange a carpool with squad members. Buy secondhand instrumentality and attire. Limit the household members who be smaller performances passim the year, and prevention up truthful everyone tin be the large amusement astatine the extremity of the season.

4. DIY your extracurriculars

Your kid tin get the benefits of participating successful an enactment without it being a ceremonial programme that you wage for. Consider your children’s interests and fig retired however to prosecute them connected an idiosyncratic scale.

If your kid is into music, deed up YouTube for escaped tutorials. There are tons of cooking blogs with elaborate recipes for those who privation to maestro baking. Your room whitethorn supply escaped entree to bundle to larn a overseas language.

Tap into your web of family, friends and neighbors to exposure your kid to antithetic pursuits. Commit to teaching their kids astir a accomplishment you’ve mastered successful exchange. For example, your person could thatch your kids however to play the guitar portion you springiness their kids cooking lessons.

It mightiness beryllium a bigger concern successful time, but you tin prevention a batch of wealth by creating your ain means of processing your child’s interests.

5. Talk to your kids astir making sacrifices

There whitethorn beryllium times wherever you simply person to say no to your kid’s petition to enroll successful different extracurricular activity. If you don’t person the funds and you’d person to complaint expenses connected a recognition card, you should reevaluate things.

Parents ne'er privation to enactment fiscal accent connected their kids, but it’s good to beryllium up-front astir the limitations of your budget. This mightiness mean having your kids take 1 athletics to perpetrate to alternatively than two, oregon asking if they similar creation lessons implicit vacationing astatine the formation adjacent summer.

If you person teenagers, get them to lend to their extracurricular expenses with wealth from babysitting, mowing lawns oregon a part-time job. Depending connected the activity, you tin situation your kid to crook their hobby into an entrepreneurial pursuit — similar selling handmade bracelets astatine section festivals oregon giving soft lessons to younger kids.

Not lone volition this assistance your teens spend the extracurriculars they want, you’ll besides beryllium teaching them a invaluable acquisition astir idiosyncratic concern that’ll hopefully transportation connected into adulthood.

Nicole Dow is simply a elder writer astatine The Penny Hoarder. She’s a genitor who’s ever looking for ways to prevention money.

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