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We believe every great Press Release relationship starts with giving

Graphic service at a competitive discount price for those who sign up before April 2. In addition, Founder Tracy Gibb is including the service as part of a giveaway celebrating not only this announcement, but also her birthday month.

“I believe every great relationship starts with giving, and business relationships are no different,” says Gibb. “This giveaway is a celebration of our newest service and an invitation for potential clients to reach out and learn more about what we offer. Our Press Release Services number one goal at The Marketing Shop is to develop trust and respect with all our clients by empowering their success. We envision a future of strong growth for our portfolio of clients who are earning the dividends of strong, evocative messaging that resonates with their audiences.”

Typically incorporated as part of higher-end social media marketing campaigns, the creation of the standalone Motivational Monday Branded Graphic service will enable smaller businesses and solo operations to capitalize on the power of branded imagery. Branded quotes are effective in terms of marketing communication and valued for their Best Press Release Service simplicity and low overhead. The right quote can almost instantly relay something essential about a company’s values and mission. Customers and prospective customers who share those values will then gravitate toward the company — this is step one in establishing real trust.

A consistent campaign builds expectation and familiarity in one’s audience. With the Motivational Monday service, new branded quotes land on all major social media platforms like clockwork. These quotes include Best Press Release Distribution brand logos, colors and design aesthetics. In short order, the company becomes recognizable and trusted on an instinctive level. A well-conceived campaign of branded quotes can result in a measurable uptick in sales relatively quickly.

Finally, branded quotes are foolproof in terms of their shareability. For most companies, controversy should be avoided like the plague, and motivational branded quotes more than fit the definition of “safe.” When followers feel comfortable sharing a company’s content, organic and truly explosive growth becomes possible.

The Motivational Monday Branded Graphic giveaway is open to any entrepreneur or business owner looking for a trendy branded graphics solution. Entries are accepted at, and the winner will receive a year’s worth of weekly branded quotes to broadcast across all social media channels — that’s a $780 value.

As a full-service marketing, consulting and public relations company, The Marketing Shop works closely with every client to customize a practical and affordable Free Press Release Submission Sites solution. Gibb and her team begins by capturing the client’s goals and desires, translating these into measurable objectives. Then, a game plan is developed for moving steadily closer to accomplishing those objectives, shifting course whenever necessary. The Marketing Shop’s guiding mission is to help entrepreneurs maximize their revenue streams while generating powerful publicity for their brand and their products and services.

The Marketing Shop has additional giveaways and promotional events scheduled for the remaining months in 2018. “Our business is growing, but we still believe in having fun,” concludes Gibb, “and part of that fun is meaningful, exciting interactions with our clients.”

About The Marketing Shop

The Marketing Shop is an online marketing agency that provides a full suite of forward-thinking digital marketing services to clients in a wide range of industries.

Apex Customs, a full-service automotive shop dedicated to providing clients with a complete range of automotive customization services, this week announced the Press Release Submission Sites launch of Axium Lighting, a new line of premium automotive LED lighting products. Axium offers premium LED lighting developed to help automotive enthusiasts improve the color, visibility, and efficiency of their custom lighting projects.

“As a customization shop, we’ve worked with a broad range of automotive lighting products from just about Free Press Release Sites every aftermarket supplier on the market,” said Elliot Hutchens, Co-Founder of Apex Customs. “Working with aftermarket lighting every day, we were frustrated by the lack of reliable LED headlight options for our projects that delivered the results our customers demanded. We decided to build them ourselves so our clients could enjoy the benefits of LED lighting without draining their bank account or returning to our shop with burned out headlights a month later.”

Axium Lighting
Axium Lighting
While Incandescent bulbs have dominated the automotive industry since the days of Henry Ford, LED technology is revolutionizing the automotive aftermarket. The first use of LED lighting in an automotive application appeared on the 1983 Chevrolet Corvette, but it took another 25 years for the technology to catch on and garner the attention of the public Best Press Release Distribution Service and automotive manufacturers. Today LED has become popular aftermarket customization, however, there is still a lot of confusion by consumers on which brands and products are safe for their vehicles while living up to the claims by manufacturers.

Axium was developed for the enthusiast to be able to purchase with confidence. Apex sought to resolve the issues their technicians encountered during installation and address the common complaints their customers expressed after their projects were completed. The Infinity line of headlights by Axium offer superior light output Press Release Writing Service with lower operating temperatures and energy consumption by utilizing the latest LUXEON Z ES chip technology for unmatched optical flexibility and precise beam angle control. They are waterproof, shatterproof and backed by a one year no hassle warranty.

“Our goal is to provide a product that people can trust so they can get the benefits of LED lighting without worrying about damaging their cars or wasting their money,” said Hutchens.

About Apex Customs

The team at Apex Customs delivers Phoenix’s most eye-catching automotive customizations through an array of forward-thinking products and services backed by Video Press Release master craftsmanship.

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